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Miller’s success

Written by Arthur Miller in the early 1950’s, “The Crucible” notes the story of the quiet town of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. As the play progresses, a major witch hunt takes place after a group of young girls claim to have danced with the Devil. Although the play is fictional, Miller based it on real… View Article

Miller said the Crucible

Miller emphasizes this by using short sentences with many pauses. The silence creates pathos for the characters from the audience. There is also a lot of questioning which reflects conflict and how the characters are helpless like a small child. This emotional togetherness of the Proctors contrasts greatly with their conflict with each other on… View Article

he Wife of Bath, The Miller and The Pardoner

The fact that he has a wart on his nose makes him seem an ugly person and this is reflected in his personality and the type of story he is likely to tell. He also has a mouth which is described as a ” greet forneys. ” This is to indicate that he is a… View Article

The crucible so dramatically intense

This would highlight them as the main characters so the audience would focus their attention on them and they could see Mary’s expression. I would also have slow music that is gaining pace until the point when Mary says ‘I- cannot’ (Act Three, page 86) then there are a few moments silence and a murmur… View Article

Proctor tears up his confession particularly dramatic?

The author quotes, “He has lifted her, and kisses her with great passion”. This shows the affection that we previously have not seen in scenes, so this sequence is dramatic. Also, the way that the audience would be able to physically see their love for each other adds intensity to the moment. Proctor experiences a… View Article

Act i of the crucible?

“In what important ways does Miller prepare us for the hysteria and the accusations of the witch-hunts in Act I of The Crucible? ” In The Crucible, it was important for Miller to fully show that the witch-hunts in Salem were not some unforeseen, unpredictable chain of events, but the result of many different, precisely… View Article

Eddie Carbone

What’s more, this would make Marco’s purpose of the journey, to build a future, pointless. In addition, Eddie cruelly implies that Rodolfo is an inexperienced longshoreman. “I seen greenhorns sometimes get in trouble that way”. By saying this, Eddie aims to hurt Rodolfo’s feelings and perhaps make him feel like an unwanted boy. Soon afterwards,… View Article

A view from the bridge

In ‘A view from the bridge’, Miller has tried to make a hero out of a man who has no redeeming qualities. Do you agree? I agree that Miller has tried to make a hero out of a man with no redeeming qualities. Although Miller did not succeed, he still has attempted to make this… View Article

Imagine you are Directing

Introduction I intend to study the Crucible by Arthur Miller. I will be looking at act 3, through the eyes of a director. The character I will mainly be focusing on is Abigail Williams, a late teen who had committed adultery with the well thought of, John Proctor. The play was written in 1952 and… View Article

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

John Proctor is a main character in the play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. It is about the mass hysteria that led to the 1692 Salem witchcraft trials. At the same time that Miller wrote the play, it is also clearly a parable for the events of the McCarthy era in the USA of the… View Article

Salem witchcraft

He says of Parris; ‘In history he cut a villainous path, and there is very little good to be said for him. ‘ Miller gives us his view because he wants us to see the characters the way that he sees them. Narration is used to set the scene and to introduce new characters to… View Article

Explore How Arthur Miller Portrays John Proctor

John Proctor is the protagonist in the Crucible. The story revolves around him and shows how one man battle with his own self conscience. It is set in Salem with a strong puritan community surrounding the story throughout and gives puritan views on every scenario shown. The story was true and closely researched by Arthur… View Article

Miller comments

During ‘The Crucible’ the acts which unfold able some characters to empower themselves: most notably Abigail Williams, Mary Warren and even John Proctor. Some characters begin with little or no power, then abuse the situations to gain power, whereas others begin with power and lose it, sometimes justly and other times unjustly. This could be… View Article

Death of a Salesman

‘Death of a Salesman’ tells us a lot about the ideology of the author, Arthur Miller. His main character Willy is a normal man who feels he is a failure because he doesn’t average ‘a hundred and seventy dollars a week’ which causes him to become suicidal. Miller is trying to tell the audience that… View Article

View from the bridge

The first presentations of the pair highlight it already with Eddie coming in from work and Catherine calling to Beatrice who is working in the kitchen. “[Calling to the kitchen] He’s here, B.! ” This immediately emphasises the roles and stereotypes of “The women’s place is in the kitchen. ” Which obviously Miller wanted to… View Article