Microsoft Windows Essay Topics

Operating System Installation

1. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this guide is to train future internal computer support department staff of the DataMax, Inc. Corporation. From hence forward, the name for that internal computer support department shall be “DataMax® Internal Department for Computer Support (DIDCS). Here at DataMax®, we currently utilize the Windows operating systems of Windows 2000, Windows… View Article

Five types of system information

List five types of system information that can be obtained from the Windows Task Manager? How can you use this information to confirm the presence of malware on a system? (Hint: Look at the bandwidth and CPU utilization.) Services, Performance, applications, processes, networking, users. You can use it to see if there are any unidentified… View Article

Perform a Byte-Level Computer Audit

1. What is the main purpose of a software tool like WinAudit in computer forensics? Answer: WinAudit is a great free tool that will give you a comprehensive view of the components that make up your system, including hardware, software and BIOS. 2. Which items within WinAudit’s initial report would you consider to be of… View Article

Windows environment

If you get these 10 settings right, and you’ll go a long way toward making your Windows environment more secure. Each of these falls under the Computer Configuration\Windows Setting\Security Settings leaf. Rename the Local Administrator Account: If the bad guy doesn’t know the name of your Administrator account, he’ll have a much harder time hacking… View Article

Client-Server Networking

What I can think of to return the computer to an operational state is troubling a video problem. It maybe relating to the graphic card and the program that may run with it. The graphics adapter may either be corrupted or installed wrong under a different version. For example if the graphic is supposed to… View Article

Problem Set/ Exercise/ Case Scenario

1. Remote Desktop is based on former Terminal Services. 2. System image backup saves data to a DVD file. 3. Branch Cache conserves WAN bandwidth. 4. Distributed cache mode files cached on each client. 5. Volume shadow copies are previous versions. 6. Incremental backup are files changed since the last backup job. 7. Windows RE… View Article

Apple Inc. in 2012

As the business manager of the Apple Corporation, I would need to look at the business and determine who are my direct competitors and determine where I am going to seek opportunities for a competitive advantage in some aspects of the business. It is impossible to speak of Apple and not associate the vision, charisma,… View Article