Mice Essay Topics

Consider Thomas Hardy’s

In the dictionary the word Isolation means to be separate or a part from others. I think if someone is isolated then it would be a negative aspect because they are alone and have nothing to do with anyone else. The reason for the various isolations in the two texts differs because of the different… View Article

The poor relation

The stories that I have read both have dreams. Both of the stories have dreams that are virtually impossible to achieve. Although the dreams in the book are set in very different times and are very different to each other, they are suitable for that period of time. Both the authors show that dreams are… View Article

The point of view of Curley’s wife

The kitchen’s flavours and smells permeated the air of the room. Swift movements stirred soups, cut up pieces of bread, and flipped pages of the cookbook guiding the whole process. The window, while slightly smudged with fingerprints and dust and dirt, was caressing the light coming through, dividing it into a million colours that hit… View Article

Loneliness of Curley’s wife

The author never tells us the name of Curley’s wife in the novel, which could be for many reasons. E. g. she wasn’t important enough or even because she was a woman. But I think it was because she was regarded as one of Curley’s possessions, and because of this everyone approached her with haste…. View Article

Lennie is mourning the death of his puppy

At the beginning of the extract, Lennie is mourning the death of his puppy – by his own hand – when Curley’s wife enters the barn and attempts to comfort him and she allows Lennie to stroke her hair. When ‘Lennie’s big fingers fell to stroking her hair’ we see that something is going to… View Article

They left all the weak ones here

Due to George thinking that Lennie may embarrass him, Lennie is in Crooks’ room. “Slim an’ George an’ ever’body [went into town]. George says I gotta stay here an’ not get in no trouble. I seen your light. ” This implies that George was telling Lennie to stay at the ranch. Presumably, George had Lennie… View Article

The Character of Curley’s Wife

A reason for Steinbeck portraying to the colour red may be to foreshadowing the blood that was to be seen at the end. Curley’s wife attracts all the guys in the ranch. She uses the excuse that she is looking for Curley to talk to the guys. She does wear red lipstick; the colour red… View Article

The character of Curley’s Wife

Steinbeck demonstrates Curley’s Wife as ‘unwanted’ when it comes to relationships. Curley’s Wife shares an unenthusiastic and loveless relationship with her husband. ”You seen that glove on his left hand? Well, that glove’s fulla Vaseline, Curley says he’s keepin’ that hand soft for his wife” is a primary example of this. This quote personifies the… View Article

The two stories

In ” Of Mice and Men” lennie is a fully developed character compared to Isaac, this is why you don’t really know Isaac as well but with lennie you can relate to lennie and what he goes through. ” The ostler” is a short story so Isaacs’s character isn’t well developed. Lennie and Isaac are… View Article