Meteorology Essay Topics

Is Meteorology Science?

Many books and academic articles describe Meteorology, the study of the Earth’s atmosphere, as a science. While this may have been unquestionably accepted by many students and even scientists, it may well be worth to examine the subject more closely and ask, is Meteorology really science? Encyclopedia Britannica (2006) defines science as “any system of… View Article

The Impacts of Storm Events on the British Isles

Discuss the Impacts of Storm Events on the British Isles and evaluate the Responses to them (40 marks). In October 1987, the worst storm ever to hit the British Isles struck. It was caused by warm air from Africa meeting cold air from the Atlantic Ocean, forming an intense depression over the Bay of Biscay… View Article

Climate and Polar Maritime Air

To what extent is the climate of the British Isles a product of the air masses that affect it? Climate is defined as the weather averaged over a 30 year period, with weather being determined by temperature, humidity, wind and precipitation. The climate in the British Isles is described as cool temperate western maritime climate,… View Article

Climate Change

The weather has been completely different the last few years for us in Indiana because it has been warm winters and really hot summers. The bad thing about having warm winters is that it does not kill off the bugs for the summer months. It will make them worse than what they were the summer… View Article

Death on the Prairies: The Murderous Blizzard of 1888

On January 12, 1888, the weather in the west was mild, compared to previous weeks. Little did the people know that a massive cold front was in route and would be catastrophic to the people, their livestock, and the economy in the dekota and nebraska praries. The cold front would cause one of the worst… View Article