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Mesopotamia Essay Examples

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What Makes A Civilization Successful?

There are many factors that make a civilization great. Some of the factors that make a civilization successful do not only include an efficient government, but a flourished environment. It must contain a great source of food. Which is very crucial to the sustaining of a civilization being a necessity. A good geographical area is…

Which Mesopotamian Empire Accomplished the Most?

As a world famous historian, I have been asked to prepare a report for this conference about which Mesopotamian empire accomplished the most. My years studying the history of the ancient world have made me the perfect candidate for the job. My opinion is that the Babylonian Empire accomplished the most out of all of…

Mesopotamia and the Indus River Valley

Throughout the ages; societies around the world have been compared and contrasted, this is due to the growing interests of the human mind. Although the Indus River Valley was complex and exceptionally organized due to it’s agricultural opportunities, Mesopotamia serves as a more remarkable society. Known for being the ‘cradle of civilization’, Mesopotamia formed a…



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Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

The last great Ice Age not only influenced our planets climate and geology but also the migration of humans and their settlement to create vast civilizations. Upon these civilizations lied Mesopotamia, known as the “cradle of civilization,” and Ancient Egypt. These two civilizations flourished in their primitive times due to their political, social, and cultural…

Geographic features of Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia is considered to be the cradle of civilization. The word Mesopotamia has a Greek origin and means a “land between two rivers. ”The name refers to area between Euphrates and Tigris and its tributaries. It roughly comprises modern Iraq and part of Syria. The climate of the region is semi-arid with a vast desert…

The Oval Temple at Khafaje

“Discuss critically important architectural principles and urban layouts in Mesopotamia between 4th and 2nd millennia B. C. , citing specifically The Oval Temple at Khafaje. Furthermore, consider how the cultural values of the Protoliterate period were reflected in the architecture and spatial qualities of the time and site. ” Corresponding to modern-day Iraq, the north…

The Ziggurat

Mesopotamia, or “the land between two rivers,” was the base that civilizations built themselves on. It was also the stage where many of them crumbled. The rich culture and religion of Mesopotamia included many gods and goddesses, whom many of these were strongly associated with the forces of nature. The Mesopotamians sought a way that…

The Code of Hammurabi

The document I chose is The Code of Hammurabi, which is a code of laws for the Ancient Mesopotamia civilization. It was not the first Mesopotamian law, but it is the most famous and most complete. The Code of Hammurabi was written in cuneiform has been translated and authenticated by experts; therefore it is reliable….

Egypt and Mesopotamia

Almost all things have its identified origin. The society that presently exists also has its beginnings that could be rooted from the ancient civilization. These civilizations became the foundation of the modern world that is presently observable. Two of the most notable ancient civilizations are that of Egypt and Mesopotamia. The Egyptian civilization progress in…

Egypt and Mesopotamia Comparison

Egypt and Mesopotamia not only differed in their trade and culture, but also in their politics and form of government. Despite the differences though, one is able to notice several similarities between the two civilizations. First of all, Mesopotamia was ruled by kings and queens and nobles could usually attain power as they attained a…


Mesopotamia, also known as the land between two rivers, became the grounds of many ancient civilizations that we know about today. Perhaps one of the most famous is Sumer. Sumer was a civilization that thrived off of the two river, the Tigris and the Euphrates. Using irrigation systems, the Sumerians used the floods of the…

Egypt & Mesopotamia Comparison

In order to completely understand the relationship between two events, comparing and contrasting is necessary. Through comparing similarities and differences it is easier to analyze why things developed and occurred the way they did. For example, in comparing Egypt and Mesopotamia it will be easier to achieve understanding of major aspects of their culture, the…

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