mental health Essay Topics

Ethical Standards of Mental Health

The contents of all therapy sessions, whether verbal information or written records, should be considered confidential. Therefore, this information should not be passed on to a third party without the written consent of a client nor is legal guardian. However some exceptions are made for certain situations. The state law provides that mental health professions… View Article

Building an Ethical organization in a mental health association

Our organization is a Mental Health Association of Kentucky which is a private organization having countrywide membership and board of directors who in essence represents the diverse cultures of Kentucky. It is an association that falls under the category of health care industry. It is believed to be the oldest mental health support group in… View Article

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Chapter 578 of the 14th Edition Texas Laws Relating to Mental Health and Mental Retardation discusses in length the circumstances in which application of the electroconvulsive therapy is allowed, or possible. In the United States, electroconvulsive therapy or ECT as it is commonly called is generally practiced only for the treatment of severe depression. And… View Article

Mental health

“Research suggests that burnout and low job satisfaction are significant problems among mental health workers and may be especially so among those working with clients with serious mental illness.”(Purdue) Many people suffer from mental illness and addiction, and many of these people end up in a community health center where social workers/case managers help them… View Article

Role of Mental Health Nurse in a Forensic Unit

The role of the mental health nurse MHN) while always having the same basic skills set will have a different emphasis within the various service settings such as Community, Acute or Forensic which is the topic of this essay The forensic MHN specialises in the assessment and treatment of people who may be mentally ill… View Article

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety condition after a person has been exposed to a very frightening event or incident (National Institute of Mental Health, 2008). This event is not necessarily something that happens to the individual person (National Center for PTSD, 2007). This means that the trauma can be experienced… View Article

Human Service Profession- Mental Health Counselor

Counseling has a major emphasis on prevention. Mental health counselors work with individuals and groups to promote optimum mental and emotional health. Counselors may help individuals deal with issues associated with addictions, substance abuse, family, parenting, marital problems, stress management, self-esteem and aging. Mental health counseling brings a unique approach to the mental health care… View Article

Psychiatric Disorders, Diseases and Drugs

Determining psychiatric disorders are best identified through their manifesting symptoms. Key to understanding this somehow lie in how one successfully determines the intensity or degree of symptomatic tendencies. In order to address these psychiatric disorders, some thinkers believe that there are good reasons to rely on the “practical signs” of a person’s behavioral abnormalities. It… View Article

Psychological Factors: Axis of Healthcare Setting

Even as the development of medical science and the technology of its instruments have taken modern healthcare system to a state-of-the-art height, the effective management of psychological factors still prove to be the axis of healthcare, where human touch and a thorough understanding of psychology are bare essentials to complement its other part. The medical… View Article

Mental impairment

The law of not guilty due to mental impairment in Victoria, Australia was started as a simple experiment in the mid nineteen nineties as a result of the a case that involved victims that were released from prison on the account of not being guilty on the ground of mental impairment which was initially known… View Article

Health Psychology

Health psychology concerns itself with understanding behavior, biology and social context and their influences on illness and health. Health psychologists work with professionals in clinical areas and also conduct research as well as teach in universities. Health psychology aims at changing the health behavior of individuals to help them maintain optimum health and assist patients… View Article

Deinstitutionalizing the Mentally lll, Blessing or Curse

The deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill was originally and idealistically portrayed as a liberating, humane policy alternative to the restrictive care in large state supported hospitals. It was supposed to help these individuals regain freedom and empower themselves through responsible choices and actions. Due to many funding issues, stiff opposition from communities, and ill-equipped patients,… View Article

Working with Adults with Enduring Mental Illness

The truth about working with people with mental illness cannot be fully understood from a simple conversation with people who deal with the mentally disturbed. However, having an in-depth conversation with them for an extended period of time may somehow shed light on the realities of handling adult patients whose minds are permanently incapacitated. Only… View Article

Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Who would you consider to be stronger, someone who is battling cancer or depression? There is no definite way of telling who is stronger. Most people would say the patient battling cancer because they are suffering from a physical condition and cancer patients are often perceived as hero’s where as people with a mental illness… View Article