Memory Essay Topics

An experiment to see if interference affects recall in short-term memory

Each participant must carry out the experiment under the same conditions. This included keeping the setting the same, making sure no extraneous variables such as external noise, can disrupt it. However, because it is an independent groups design there may have been participant variables confounding the results. These are individual differences between the participants; for… View Article

Explanations of disorders of memory

An evaluation point for repression is research by Levinger and Clark, they carried out a study where the P's were given negatively charged words and neutral words. They had to do a word association task whilst having their skin response measured. The P's were then given the cue words again and asked the associations hey… View Article

Understanding Psychology

An assistant to help with interference (As previously arranged) PROCEDURE: Before the experiment began, the researcher set up the room by spacing 10 single desks around the room and placing an A4 page and pen on each desk. The experiment was carried out in a separate room, in the same building of the band rehearsal…. View Article

Long Term Memory

It was found that the mean number of words recalled correctly in Condition A (category headings) was greater than the mean number of words recalled correctly in Condition B (no headings). The difference was found to be insignificant at the 0. 05 significance level. The results of the Mann-Whitney statistical test meant that the experimental… View Article

The Effect Chunking of Numbers has on Short-Term Memory Recall

The same group of people were not tested in both conditions to eliminate the possibility of one condition affecting another. Students and adults, living in the same country were selected. Extraneous variables such as temperature and outside distractions could not be controlled. The temperature of the area in which the experiment was conducted varied. A… View Article

Categorisation in Long-Term Memory

The method used was a field experiment as it took part in a classroom. This method was chosen because the independent variable can be manipulated to find the effect on the dependent variable, which can draw conclusions about cause and effect. Doing this allows reasonable control of extraneous variables and where the experimenter has a… View Article

Reconstructive Memory

Flashbulb Memories are when people have a particularly strong and often-detailed memory of where they were and what they were doing when a particular event occurred. This event could be a well-known event in the newspaper such as when Princess Diana died or it could be more personal event, which is memorable to that particular… View Article

Human memory

The investigation into whether images aid memory recall has been fairly successful. The experimental hypothesis: participants in condition 1(words with images) would perform better than those in condition 2 (words without images), has been rejected therefore the null hypothesis: there will be no difference in condition 1 (involving grid of random words supported by images)… View Article

The effect of chunking on memory recall in STM

In this report I have investigated Miller’s chunking theory and whether that increases the amount of information that can be stored in the short term memory. The aim of this experiment is to investigate whether chunking does improve the amount of memory the short term memory can hold. The hypothesis is in a test of… View Article

Husman Ahmed Memory Assignment

Thus we can now say that the boys had a mean number of words remembered as 10. 2 and the median as 12, proving that the short term memory capacity of the boys is definitely greater, as they tend to recall more. The mode however was 10 for both genders meaning that if the results… View Article

Memory of Lizzie Comparitive Essay

‘Blue Remembered Hills’ was originally written for television in 1979 before the writer, Dennis Potter, created a stage version in 1984. Potter based the storyline on his nostalgic views on childhood and the transition from infancy to adulthood. The play is set in the West Country during World War Two, where seven children have been… View Article

How Good are People’s Memory Considering Different Factors?

My task during the period of this statistics coursework is to gather relevant information regarding the memories of people with regard to many different factors. I shall need to create three hypotheses that are sensible and are practical to carry out, get information relevant to the hypotheses and present the data in different methods which… View Article

Human Memory

The human memory is that part of our brains that has the capacity to receive, store, and retrieve information. It is comprised of not one but three types: sensory, short term, and long term. Generally, the process involves receiving information or stimulus from the environment. The stimulus is then received by the sensory memory. Then… View Article

The Humam Memory Processes

One of the many things that make human beings the most complex living organisms is the structure of the human brain and the ability of the human beings to understand how the complex brain basically works. Memory is just one of the complex processes the brain is responsible. In fact, it is what gives humans… View Article