Medicine Essay Topics

Medicines and drugs

A drug or medicine is a chemical that alters incoming sensory sensations, mood or emotions, or physiological state. Painkillers, hallucinogens and alcohols are examples of drugs and medicines that alter incoming sensory sensations. Prozac and alcohol alter mood or emotions Steroids, cigarettes and heart medicines alter physiological state, including consciousness, activity level or coordination. Drugs… View Article

Human growth and development-Conception to Birth

Conception This is the very first stage of the making of a human baby which is known as conception. This is when the sex cell or (gamete) from the males sperm and a gamete from the woman’s ovum or egg cell join to form the embryo.Conception can only occur during ovulation, which happens about the… View Article

Several factors have helped bring

Several factors have helped bring about progress in medicine. In this essay, I will be discussing these factors. Firstly, I will be discussing how the government has helped to bring about progress in medicine. I will do this by giving an example and explaining. One good example is the measures taken by the government in… View Article

Medicine Sources Question

What can you learn from these two sources about Pare’s contribution to medicine? (5 marks) Ambroise Pare was a French war surgeon who worked in a number of public hospitals and helped many times on the battlefields, giving him ‘war wound’ knowledge. He lived between 1510 and 1590. Before Ambroise Pare, soldiers who received a… View Article

Medical Technology

ABSTRACT       The current medical innovations around the world have led to increased concerns about their role in the increasing of medical costs and the burdens on the healthcare systems. On the other hand, medical technology is one of the booming industries of the world, which promises much growth and potential for countries around the… View Article

Time you were shamed

I’ve had great embarrassing moments in my life. Most occurred during my childhood days. One of these happened when I was 8. I got my  most humiliating spanking which I will never forget in my entire life.  Studying should be at the top of every student’s priority. During this age I need to do some… View Article

Ethical Issues In The ICU

Medical practitioners are faced with the challenge of making decisions on whether to withhold or withdraw a patient’s life sustaining therapy in the intensive care unit. Intensive care units are departments which provide high quality and advanced forms of therapies to very ill patients in the intensive care unit at an increased cost. These patients’… View Article

Ethical Dilemma with the End of Life Decisions

In the advent of technology and biomedical advancements in the twentieth century, modern medicine is able to prolong the life of a patient. This dramatic improvement has raised appreciation as well as criticisms in and outside of the medical community. This is because of the important questions that come in about the end-of-life decisions. This… View Article

Medical Terminology

1. How can eliminating abbreviations reduce errors? Abbreviations are usually used for convenience, to save space and to avoid the trouble of spelling out the word fully. Abbreviations are used in medical records and in medical language. Though the usage of abbreviations do have some advantage and make the recording easy and faster, there are… View Article

Forum Discussion Activities

Please post your response to ONE of the following questions in the Forum by Wednesday, midnight, of Week 3. Then please post at least three responses to other student’s postings by Saturday, midnight, of Week 3. * You are the Vice President of a US based software company. You have been tasked with exploring the… View Article

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging is a painless medical examination that is used by physicians to diagnose and treat their patients. MRI does not depend on radiation in order to construct an internal image of a body unlike x-ray examination and CT scan. It uses a powerful magnetic field and as well as radio waves with the… View Article

The Community Health Epidemiology Assessment

Abstract The community health status of Idaho City, Idaho was assessed for health needs and risks by the collection of data utilizing the Population Economic Status Assessment Form, the Neighborhood/ Community Safety Inventory, Cultural Assessment Tool and Disaster Assessment and Planning Guide. This information provides current statistic information on Idaho City. The quality of life… View Article

What Is Dry Needling

Recently, Physical Therapists have been seeking to incorporate what is being named “Dry Needling” into their patient treatment regimens. Dry Needling is indistinguishable from acupuncture, yet is often based on two or three day seminars, featuring only 16 to 24 hours of classroom education with no needle technique clinical internship training being included. Is Dry… View Article

Jesuit Relations Proposal Paper

The views taken by the Jesuits and Hurons towards medicine and disease varied during the spread of old world disease among the native population of North America. These two groups had very different ways of dealing with the diseases and there use of medicine. Throughout the reading of chapter 3 in the Jesuit Relations book,… View Article

Mental Health Presenting Issues

It may seem at first that Medical Tourism is doing the world a favour by clearing the backlogged waiting lists for certain procedures without having to expand the local capacity that is in demand. (1). It is also proposed by supporters of Medical tourism that by bringing tourists into the country, not only the health… View Article