Mechanics Essay Topics

Scoring a Basket in Basketball

My task is to produce a strategy necessary for scoring a basket in basketball. I shall investigate the effects of throwing the ball at different angles and ascertain the ideal angle for scoring a basket. In addition, I shall investigate what would be the best angle for me to throw the basketball rather than just… View Article

Macro Mechanics

The first chapter “Introduction” provides detailed overview of the book content. The author discusses the scope of the book, its goals and objectives, and special attention is paid to chapters’ content. David Ashby, the author of the book, argues that the key task of economy is “to coordinate the kinds and quantities of goods and… View Article

Ferris Wheel

I. INTRODUCTION In this group project, we’ve decided to use a Ferris Wheel as an object to represent Uniform Circular Motion. A Ferris is a non-building structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with passenger cars attached to the rim in such a way that as the wheel turns, the cars are kept upright, usually… View Article

How gravity works

“Gravity is a force of attraction that exists between any two masses, any two bodies, any two particles. Gravity is not just the attraction between objects and the Earth. It is the attraction that exists between all objects”. (NASA gravity 2000) Gravity is a very essential part of life on earth. We are in the… View Article

Trifilar Suspension

Introduction The moment of inertia I is a measure of the resistance of a body to angular acceleration [1]. An important factor as the resulting moment governs the analysis of rotational dynamics with an equation of the form M=I∝ which defines a relationship between several properties including angular acceleration and torque [2]. The polar moment… View Article

Better to convince people than to force them

It is better to convince people than to force them: DISAGREE/ Agree I would like to talk to you about today the topic “convincing people is better forcing them” and I am against this saying no forcing people is better but I also agree and saying that convincing Is better, please don’t get confused because… View Article

Moment of Inertia

Abstract The moment of inertia, or also known as the rotational inertia, is the rotational analog of a rigid body to a linear or an angular motion. It is one of the fundamentals of the dynamics of rotational motion. The moment of inertia must always be in a specified chosen axis of rotation. The point… View Article

Software de Aplicacion

1. Marissa’s car accelerates uniformly at a rate of +2.60 m/s2. How long does it take for Marissa’s car to accelerate from a speed of 24.6 m/s to a speed of 26.8 m/s? 2. A bowling ball with a negative initial velocity slows down as it rolls down the lane toward the pins. Is the… View Article

Chapter 9 Review Questions

Chapter 9 Review Questions 1. What is magnetism? 2. Torque is ________. 3. A magnetic field is _________. 4. True or False: A permanent magnet is a piece of material that has been magnetized and can hold its magnetic strength for a reasonable length of time. 5. How is an electromagnet produced? 6. Which of… View Article