Mattel Essay Topics

Barbie Position Paper

In 1956, Ruth Handler, an American businesswoman, was vacationing in Switzerland when she came across Bild Lilli, a doll that, unlike popular baby dolls at the time, had long, shapely legs and wore heavy makeup. Lilli, in fact, was based on a prostitute in a postwar German cartoon, but Handler was inspired. She bought three… View Article

Unit Four Mattel Case Study Analysis

In 1944, the Mattel brand was founded by Ruth and Elliot Handler and Harold “Matt” Matson. They launched Mattel out of a garage workshop in Southern California. The first Mattel products were actually picture frames, but Elliot soon started using the scrap from the picture frames to create dollhouse furniture. Harold Matson eventually sold out… View Article

Mattel Inc.: Barbie Dolls Industry

Mattel Inc. is the induction industry of the Barbie dolls. The first Barbie doll was invented in 1959 and since then, the Barbie dolls have been around for decades and have become some of the most popular dolls in the world. Young girls often enjoy playing make believe with their Barbie dolls through the way… View Article

Barbie: the Early History by Erica Wolf

Do you know anyone who has their own dream house, super fun pool house, pink convertible, or their own magical musical movies? No, I’m not talking about Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan, This girl is more classic, and more of a role model to every little girl around the world. She’s a fun, outgoing character… View Article

Compensation Plan for Mattel

Mattel Inc was founded in 1945, known as one of the world’s largest toys manufacturing company, which is based on manufacturing toys such as Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, Barbie Dolls, American girl dolls, masters of the universe, etc. The company’s name was derived from its founder’s names, which were Matson and Elliot Handler. In 2002,… View Article

Mattel Recall Case Study

Mattel Incorporated is now the second largest global toy manufacturing company after being the largest toy manufacturer for years (Soloman). Mattel Inc., headquartered in El Segundo, California, produces well-known toys such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Fisher-Price toys for children. Mattel is not only a leader in the toy industry with over $6 Billion in… View Article

Toy Safety and Mattel

1. KEY FACTORS • Subcontracting unsupervised . • No review of compliance with quality and safety standards in the final product . • Let means from seizing the news. 2. KEY FACTORS • Lack of clarity regarding the because of retirements, Mattel ‘s fault or distributors in China. • history of safety violations at the… View Article

The Case of the Mattel Toy Company

According to the instructions for this case study, three virtues were to be chosen to identify with the case study. In keeping with the instructions, I have chosen Honesty, generosity and justice as the 3 virtues to associate with the case. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy states, “A virtue such as honesty or generosity is not… View Article