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Mathematics Essay Examples

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Biography of a Mathematician: Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton has made an impact on scientists to this day. Even though his discoveries derived in the late 1600s, we are still affected today in the present. The ideals and theorems he sought out still hold legitimate centuries after his time. With the information laid out for them, a scientists using his theories…

Observing a Math Lesson

A standard in mathematics provides, at the very least, is a baseline or outline to loosely adhere to during the school year. They are at the most though, designed to curricular goals and guidance for the math curriculum (Ferrini-Mundy, 2000). The direction of the future of math standards is equally important. The NCTM is focusing…

Aryabhata I and How He Influenced Math

Aryabhata I was born in Kerala, India, but moved to Kusumapura early in life. His contribution to mathematics and science is vast, from approximating Pi better than anyone in his time period to deducing the Earth is round. He had many scientific and mathematic discoveries, which he wrote about in his book, the Aryabhatiya. He…



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Statistical Thinking and Model Building

STATISTICAl ANALYSIS In the evolution of any scientific discipline there is a period in which attempts are made to develop mathematical theories in order to account for and explain the observations generated by the phenomena with which the discipline is concerned. During this period, the qualitative and verbal theories are replaced, or supplemented, by quantitative…

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards: Lesson Plan Websites

The standard to the second grade number sense lesson plan website on fractions was supported in many ways. The learning objective geared the teacher and student to know what was expected of the students. The standard was also matched up by the assessment of the lesson. The value of student discussions to help form meaning…

Accounting and Finance For Business

While these tutorial tasks MUST be submitted individually, you are encourage to work through these tasks together with the other members of your team, both during this week’s tutorial and in your own time. This is a good opportunity to ensure that all members of your group can calculate a breakeven point before and after-tax,…

Financial Polynominal

For this assignment the following in instructions are to complete and review the example of how complete the mat required for the assignment. To solve the problem 90 on page 304 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra and to be sure that all steps of the squaring of the binominal and multiplication along with any simplification…

Common Core Standards

Much like the runways of Paris with its changing fashion trends, the world of education follows trends as well. Educators cringe when they hear “No Child Left Behind” some ten years beyond its advent. Now, the phrases “Common Core” and “Student Learning Objectives” have teachers seeing red. However, despite the latest and greatest trends to…

Cryptarithm Contents

Contents The word cryptarithm was first coined by the puzzlist Minos, which is a pseudonym of Simon Vatriquant. In 1955, J. A. H. Hunter introduced the word “alphametic” to designate cryptarithms, such as Dudeney’s, whose letters form meaningful words or phrases. Cryptarithm is a type of puzzle where words are put together into particular formula…

The complex number Tasks

A.1. Explain how the complex number system is an extension of the real number system A complex number is an extension of real numbers because it can be a combination of real numbers and imaginary numbers. Examples of real numbers are 1, 34.67, -5; pretty much any number is a real number. What makes imaginary…

Reaction Order and Rate Law

Data, Calculations, and Questions A. Calculate the initial and final concentrations as needed to complete Tables 1 and 2. Data Table 1: Varying the Concentration of 1.0 M HCl | | | | |Concentrations | | |# Drops |# Drops |# Drops |Initial | |# Drops |# Drops |# Drops |Initial |Initial |Final |Final |Reaction…

Biography of Pythagoras

Bust of Pythagoras at theVatican Museum. Pythagoras of Samos was a famous Greek mathematician and philosopher, born between 580 and 572 BC, and died between 500 and 490 BC. He is known best for the proof of the important Pythagorean theorem, which is about right triangles. He started a group of mathematicians, called the Pythagoreans,…

What is statistics?

Statistics is mathematical analysis involving the use of quantitative, models and summaries for a given set of tested data or observations. Statistical analysis involves the process of collecting and analyzing data and then summarizing the data into a numerical form. Today there is no social ,commercial or even governmental activities not dependent on statistics from…

Indian Mathematicians And Their Contributions

Ramanujan He was born on 22na of December 1887 in a small village of Tanjore district, Madras. He failed in English in Intermediate, so his formal studies were stopped but his self-study of mathematics continued. He sent a set of 120 theorems to Professor Hardy of Cambridge. As a result he invited Ramanujan to England….

UPS Competes Globally with Information Technology

1. What are the inputs, processing, and outputs of UPS’s package tracking system? There are several kinds of inputs for the UPS tracking system. Prominent among them are Scannable bar-coded label attached to a package, this has information about the sender and the delivery information with the estimated delivery date. Tracking number is user to…

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