Marxist Essay Topics

Apply a Marxist

‘If… ‘ was released in 1968 by director Lindsay Anderson. It is a film from a Marxist perspective based on a privileged boys boarding school in the 1960’s, and the rebellion against the traditional functionalist system enforced there. Lindsay Anderson was a Marxist born in India in April 1923 whose father was a Scottish army… View Article

“Syriana” and Successive Marxist Theory

Stanley Aronowitz and William Difazio’s work on contemporary Marxist theory following and analyzing Fordism views of labor as a means to exploit and control workers is very interesting when applied to the film, “Syriana”.  Their ideas illuminate the problems with Fordism (referring to Henry Ford’s method of car production) and its technological effects on control… View Article

Marxist Cosmology and the Current World Crisis

Marxist cosmology can definitely be related to the current world economic crisis. Its components, dialectical and historical materialism, has the capacity to elucidate the causes of this crisis. In the context of dialectical materialism, the current world economic crisis is in fact a power struggle between businesses and financial institutions and the average citizen. Historical… View Article

Rigid journey

It was a “rigid journey” that started with two voices and that ended with one. One is the voice of meaningless modernity. Disjointed and syncopated, this voice hopes to fit in with the norm, tirelessly finding meaning through misconstrued words. The other is the voice of an ailing past as it struggles to keep up… View Article

A Marxist Criticism

Through experience, a person gains a broader understanding of what life is like. Children may believe that they possess a wealth of knowledge but new lessons, even if valiantly resisted, are absorbed to create a new way of looking at things. Toni Cade Bambara’s “The Lesson” deals with social inequality, a concept which Miss Moore… View Article

Essay Dramatistic Analysis on Breaking Bad

Cady is going to encounter psychological struggle and unwritten social rules that teenage girls face today. Through the Marxist perspective, the movie will be analyzed in order to show how sometimes the pull to conform to hegemony is so important that we have no choice that letting us be dragged to respect the established hierarchy…. View Article