Marvel Essay Topics

Stan Lee

Stan Lee is one of the most famous comic writer, editor, producer, publisher, television personality. He wrote some the most well know comics. They then turned into movies. He also creates the movies of his comics. He grew up in a bad part of time. He is still living today. He has won many awards… View Article

Marvel Case Report – Marketing

1. Key Problems/Opportunities: •Marvel’s product line is limited to primarily the superhero genre. This makes diversifying more difficult. •Marvel competes not only with DC Comics but also with other types of films (such as action, suspense, thriller, horror, sci-fi, etc.). When people go to the movies for entertainment, they don’t typically just go to watch… View Article

The Dark Knight Rises: a Review

It’s tempting to read a sign of the times in superhero movies where good always, always does triumph over evil. It’s especially tempting to do so in the case of Batman, a conflicted superhero who is really an ordinary human with no real superpowers except dedicated co-workers and scientists, an ability to slip into a… View Article

Case Study: Marvel

What does Marvel’s current Success look like? Marvel’s current success is largely thanks to a three-pronged approach. It utilizes its characters fame to promote revenue in comic book publishing, toys, and licensing. After successfully navigating a near collapse, the company has re-invented itself by truly focusing on its library of characters. By redeveloping its products… View Article

An Analysis of the Contemporary Hollywood Film The Avengers

In this analysis of The Avengers, a recent Marvel’s superhero blockbuster, we will be discussing a few of this films’ film narratives that are representative of contemporary Hollywood film. The Avengers is a 2012 American superhero film that was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is based on… View Article

Marvel Enterprises

In my view, the Marvel Enterprises should pursue the strategic direction that will allow them to focus on marketing their lesser-known characters that have the potential to become hit and popular with the general public It would be short sighted of Marvel to expect to forever capitalize on the popularity of its prominent characters because… View Article