Margaret Essay Topics

The Handmaid’s tale

  Moreover, Offred is constantly looking for a way out, as she is hopeful that there is a resistance fighting back. She refers to this in one of her many daydreams, where she hopes for her husband, who disappeared during the overtake: “He made contact with the others; there must be a resistance, a government… View Article

The Handmaid’s Tale’?

  These women strongly believed that men were the enemy. Moira is Offred’s symbol of hope and normality, shown when Moira first enters the ‘Red Centre’ still wearing her jeans, and declares ‘this is a loony bin. ‘ From Offred’s point of view Moira is the symbol of a female hero, but to the Gilead… View Article

The Handmaids tale

She knows what he wants to ask but is refusing to continue without him ‘doing it properly’ and uses imperatives to hurry his proposal while telling him before hand that she ‘fully intends to accept’, breaking Grice’s maxim. She controls the entire conversation, when she uses informal language Jack uses formal language, when she switches… View Article

Men and women

This puritanical view of relationships bears much resemblance to many religious values from many different religions. Atwood paints the deprivation of love and sex as a cold and lonely picture, she asks the reader to question whether the suppression of such natural, basic emotional needs is healthy or rational. This is highlighted by the beautification… View Article

Values of society

This in itself is interesting and is perhaps representative of the modern day fear of corruption from foreign sources – for example, Donna goes to ‘That London’ for a job interview and returns a slightly deranged, career driven woman, so concerned with herself and her work that she fails to notice both that one best… View Article