Manufacturing Essay Topics

Foundation Degree (FdSc) in Food Manufacturing Management

Introduction Audit objectives Why Audit? The intentions of this Audit are as follows: Using a recognised GMP standard (UNIDO/BRC) assess and quantify the effectiveness of the current quality system that is in place. Recommend, upon review, strategies for improvement that can be made to meet, and potentially exceed, the minimum retail requirements. * Upon completion,… View Article

Hostile is outsourcing: The story of Manufact

This case study is concerned with issues of Hostile IS Outsourcing. It describes the situation which developed in May 1996 as problems with communication and careful planning within the organisation, resulted in a key department being outsourced. This had many implications which had a negative “knock-on” effect throughout the company. I am going to highlight… View Article

ICT in Manufacturing

In the face of ever-increasing competition from international market, many labour-intensive manufacturing companies face a stark choice: automation, or evaporate. Here are some of the many ways in which computers are used in the manufacturing world. Order entry and processing systems accept and process customer orders. A fully integrated system will also calculate the quantity… View Article

Commentary on the eco friendly shoes

Blackspot Sneaker and Nike considered. The best way to have the biggest share of the market is not really by advertisements or sweet talks; it can only be done by the use of economic friendly products. The product that every Tom, Dick and Harry would be able to afford without going for a loan. Commenting… View Article

The Threatened North American Automobile Industry

1.a. What is the Ontario Liberal Government’s strategy to attract auto investment in the province? During the 2006 campaign, the highlight was to provide incentives that would improve the plants and allow the development of more environment-friendly automobiles; there is a plan to negotiate with Asian countries such as Korea and Japan in order to… View Article

Theory Of Constaints Assignment

Question 1:    Highlight the production management philosophy and principles of TOC Any manufacturing company’s success is dependent on how well its resources perform, in other words the level of performance of its factory. The factory’s performance is in turn constrained by the manufacturing infrastructure and is hence designed so as to suit the company’s strategy… View Article

Theory of Constraints

Executive summary             Customers nowadays demand better services and products in terms of delivery and production. Therefore to satisfy these customer needs and expectations companies must enact changes in their processes. Competition is so intense that if a company does not improve its processes through change, then competitors will drive you out of business. Customers,… View Article

A Look At Eliyahu Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints

Abstract             The Theory of Constraints was devised by Eli Goldratt. It states that in every organization there is a constraint that slows down its performance.             This paper will delve on the Theory of Constraints of Eli Goldratt.  A Look At Eliyahu Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints             The Theory of Constraint is a management… View Article

Time Series Trends Paper

Introduction             A small printing company wanted to further investigate their sales data and find the trends over a period of time, so that they could establish efficiency in marketing and predict future sales totals. Once again, they hired Stratford Six, Inc. to provide the data needed. Stratford Six, Inc. pulled the information together and… View Article

Transmission Mediums

Since the medical instruments manufacturing company has its buildings within two city blocks, the issue of wireless communication would not be very wise unless in cases of large cities and areas where installing cables is too expensive. In such cases Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) transmitters would bring a high-speed connection from a network to… View Article

Additive Layer Manufacturing for Aerospace Parts

ES Technology has revealed that additive layer manufacturing (ALM) for direct part production has been embraced by a number of manufacturing sectors, not least the aerospace industry The ability to produce components in a range of materials including hot-work steels, stainless steel, cobalt chromes and Inconel, plus titanium and aluminium alloys, presents the aerospace industry… View Article

Rejuvenation Inc – Media Relations

Rejuvenation Inc. has been in existence for the past twenty (20) years and it continues to be committed to the manufacturing and sale of unique fixtures for traditional homes. Established in the prime of the 19th century, Rejuvenation Inc. has produced many custom made furniture pieces, fixtures and fitting that have stood the test of… View Article

Customer Service VS. Manufacturing

The difference between the manufacturing industry and customer service industy is seen in the marketing performances of both. These days, there are lots of call centers that has been built into different establishments. In fact, there are call center agencies that has been a business alone of big companies around the globe. It’s being used… View Article

Ferguson & Son Manufacturing

Ferguson & Son Manufacturing company is attempting to increase efficiency and reduce cost by introducing monthly performance reports for each department. Robert Ferguson Jr is trying to introduce this new type of accounting system and when you try something like this you will always run into some problems, but Robert is creating a culture of… View Article

Difference Between Manufacturing and Services Sector

Difference between manufacturing and service organization’s operations To compare the operations between the manufacturing organization and service organization, I have taken the example of Mahindra automobile sector as a manufacturing organization and State bank of India banking sector as service organization. The Mahindra Company imports its raw materials from Japan, where after getting its parts… View Article