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Manila Essay Examples

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The Fight over the Rizal Law

  | RELATED STORIES | | | | * Shetty raps Indian ‘lunatic fringe’ for Gere kiss fuss * Sandra Bullock seeks restraining order for stalker * ‘Scary Spice’ takes aim at Eddie Murphy over paternity| | | | IN THIS SECTIONMOST EMAILEDMOST READ * Why are the prices of food rising? * Very bad…

Rc Cola Marketing Plan

I. Executive Summary The 2013 Marketing Plan of Adobo Connection chain of restaurants outlines an approach in sales promotion as a newly established restaurant in Metro Manila and to sustain in the preceding years of business. Since the establishment couldn’t afford a commercial advertisement, we believe that providing leaflets and other kinds of cheaper advertisement…

Crown Regency Hotel and Towers

At the Center of Cebu City, Philippines rises the Fuente Towers, hosting the prestigious Crown Regency Hotel & Towers. The tallest structure outside Metro Manila, the 23-storey, 22,000-square meter Fuente 1 and its equally arresting twin the 38- storey, 36,000- square meter Fuente Tower 2 majestically tower over the Queen City of the South. Its…



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Automated Mapping and Recording System

Introduction Now a days, computer is one of the technologies that most people use in their everyday lives.For instance ,instead of waiting by a telephone for a call or snail mail to appear, a person can receive a document or dispatch with lightning speed using email or mobile phones also the use of projectors and…

ICT Educational Tour Narrative Report

Learning is not only gained in school but also from the exposure outside the school premises, according to the tour committee on its rationale. Through this, they convince us to join the tour, The B.S. Information Technology Educational Tour 2013 in Manila. With the effort of everybody especially the faculty it happened last December 2-5,…

The Problem of Traffic in Metro Manila

I. The Problem of Traffic in Metro Manila II. A. Background and Motivation for Research| The researchers will be doing a study on the traffic issues in Metro Manila, from the traffic jams during rush hours to the fights that happen because of reckless driving. Their motivation for this research is their daily experiences of…

Jose Rizal’s Retraction Controversy

The debate still continues if Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero, really retracted? This has been the greatest controversy which is most talked about Rizal. He is recognized for the novels he had written during the Spanish period. Because of these courageous acts of rebellion against the said colonizers, he became our National Hero. But…

Religious Ideas of Dr. Jose Rizal

Dr. Jose P. Rizal (June 19, 1861 – December 30, 1896) was executed by the Spanish colonial authorities for having rebelled and incited rebellion against the Church and against Spain. He was charged of “sedition,” and “insurrection” against the “mother country.” The evidence brought against him would not have stood in contemporary courts of law.What…

Medical Industry

Mediksys is a clinic management system designed to help the clinica terencio and hospital in managing their patient record and accommodating during their check-up. This system has Features include save, delete, edit, refresh, search by either first name, surname or id. The search also includes autocomplete. Crystal report with option to print a single selected…

On the Spot Poster Making Contest Proposal

I. Definition and Objective Science on the spot poster making contest is a friendly competition among students by making a visual (poster) that expresses their opinions, analyzation and reaction about a certain theme, topic or question given by the contest conductor/conductress at a specific time. This contest also requires the students to think and create…

Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper North of Manila, the island of Luzon tempted me with some wonderful mountainous areas, volcanic landscapes and a beautiful coastline dotted with heavenly beaches. Heading up the west coast from Subic, the Zambales coast amazed me being dotted with laidback resorts, while the Hundred Islands , as they say, a favourite weekend trip…

The Enhancement of the Quadruped Robot

1. A TOY ROCK CLIMBING ROBOT The goal of this thesis was to build a simple toy rock climbing robot, and to explore problems related to grasping, path planning, and robot control. The robot is capable of climbing a wall of pegs either under manual control through a host system and an infrared interface, or…

Solicited Application Letter

In the January 31 issue of the Chapel Hill Post, your ad mentioned “proven skills”, I believe I have what you are looking for in an administration assistant. In addition to experience in a variety of office settings, I am familiar with the computer software used in your office. I recently completed a three-course sequence…

The Philippine stock exchange

The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (“PSE” or the “Exchange”) is a private organization that provides and ensures a fair, efficient, transparent and orderly market for the buying and selling of securities. PSE traces its roots from the country’s two former bourses: the Manila Stock Exchange (“MSE”) and the Makati Stock Exchange (“MkSE”). Founded in March…

Biography and History

The fourth chapter of Quibuyen’s “A Nation Aborted” explores the meaning of Rizal’s intellectual work by scrutinizing the fusion of Rizal’s biography and history. Quibuyen begins his chapter by refuting what Austin Coates and Maria Guerrero have said- that Rizal inspired the Filipinos to make the first revolution in Asia single-handedly with ideas all his…

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