Maldives Essay Topics

Transportation in Maldives by 2050

Maldives is a developing country. People in Maldives travel by air land and sea. As time goes we could predict the changes in transportation that would occur by 2050. As Maldives is an island scattered in the Indian Ocean Sea and air are the main modes of transport. Out of that air transport is becoming… View Article

Phuket tourism

This report will discuss how the rapid growth and mismanagement of the Hospitality, Tourism and Events Industry has impacted the island of Phuket, Thailand. The Tourism Industry is a major source of revenue for the island and therefore has a significant impact. The Tourism Industry has only been developing on Phuket since the 1970s, and… View Article

Sport Tourism in India

1.1 INTRODUCTION Tourism is a travel for recreational, leisure or business purpose. The World Tourism Organization defines tourists as people travelling from one place to another and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes. The importance of tourism, as an instrument of… View Article

Assignment – OUMH1203 English for Written Communication- SEP 13

ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION AND ASSESSMENT ______________________________________________________________________________ OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SEPTEMBER 2013 ______________________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS 1.This assignment contains TWO (2) questions that is set in the language of the printed module for the course. 2. Your assignment should be typed using 12 point Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing. 3.Your assignment should… View Article

A Critical Study of Income Patterns After the Event Tourism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan tourism has improved with the end of the civil war in 2009; it has able to bring many tourists from various nationals to Sri Lanka due to improvement of Security and other tourism related infrastructure. Sri Lanka tourism is focusing on promoting Sri Lankan tourism through many areas that can get competitive advantage from… View Article