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Malaysia Airlines Essay

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Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airline should reduce the price of ticket to attract more passengers. Although the profit will be reduce, but the increase of the number of passengers will cover it back. In long term, it will bring more benefit to the company. Malaysia Airline also needs to have more promotion to attract the low income of passengers. For example, promote special ticket for a group of students or for family to travel during the school holiday. This is because during holiday, many of the students and family plan to have trip, special ticket for them will attract them travel by Malaysia Airline.

The uniform of Malaysia Airline is not interesting because of the colour. The colour of their uniform is too dark and cannot give a good image to passengers. They choose Batik is a good idea, it can show the traditional of Malay wear, but change the colour to sharp will be better. This is not only gave a good outlook and also give confident to passengers. Image of a company is also very important, it can bring a lot of benefit to the company.

In conclusion, Malaysia Airline has become a well built and successful leader in the airline industry. Malaysia airline has become a famous and strong company in the market. The company understands and knows well about the internal and external environment that helps the company to perform better and compete with the other airline companies in the market. The mega and task factors are essential to helps the company in developing strategies that help the company to solve the crisis faced by the company.

Besides that, the management level of the company also has the ability to forecast the market trends and help in decision making for the company based on the statistically review. Malaysia Airline CEO, TengkuDatukAzmilZahruddin use autocratic leadership style to lead the company, because he had well structure to lead the company, it will successful in the future under autocratic leadership. Malaysia Airline has done a good job in providing five star services and maintaining long term relationship with the customers and clients.

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