Making Essay Topics

History in the Making

History…it’s who we are and where we come from. From cave men to cars that run on compost, history happens every day. Everything that has happened in history is absolutely fundamental in our current day existence. From the Revolutionary Era to the Cold War, America has come so far, and through the War on Terror,… View Article

Proper decision making

Proper decision making on which job to choose requires utmost thinking and weighing of possible trade offs. A dilemma is often faced when familiarity of a certain job is preferred over a new opportunity. In your two –year experience of working as a cashier and sales clerk, I know that you already have skills that… View Article

Making Collaboration Work in Inclusive High School Classrooms

The author uses a fictional case study chronicling a team in an inclusive high school setting. The team consists of the principal (administrator), the general education teacher, the special education teacher, the physical therapist, and the speech pathologist. Throughout the paper she creates a fictional case study that moves the group from contention through collaboration… View Article

Group Decision Making

Abstract Group decision making is imperative for deciding what action a group should take. This paper aims to define the process of group decision making and examine the discipline, theory, paradigm, and methodology that dominate approaches to group decision-making research. Furthermore, it provides an outline of the research’s perceptual process and endeavors to address an… View Article

Decision Making in Multicultural Team

Decisions are choices between two or more alternatives to a problem and are usually in form of determinations, agreements, or declarations (Le Baron, 2007). Adler (1998) asserts that decisions can be findings and factual and can also be thought about as judgment or opinion of ruling. Decision making behavior as with other behavior is affected… View Article

Information and Decision-Making

Individuals in the world make decisions every single day of their lives. Decision-making, however, is even more important in the lives of leaders because they are running an organization which relies on their judgment and discretion for such decisions. Decisions have to be made carefully and based on the most accurate and updated information available…. View Article

Making Case Teaching

Audrey Edwards’ essay “Making the Case for Teaching our Boys to… ‘Bring Me Home a Black Girl’” explains the ideas and reasons behind the need to impress upon black men the importance of marrying within the race. It presents a strongly ethnocentric view of the marital situation, citing this as an important step in the… View Article

Mental mindset paper

Assume you work in Human Resources as a part of the management team for AAA Transportation in Waukegan, WI, which has recently been acquired. AAA Transportation is an interstate trucking company that specializes in transporting wholesale produce in refrigerated trailers throughout the Midwest. The new owners want to make some sweeping changes in the services… View Article

Case Synopsis: A Steely Resolve

Nucor is a steel manufacturing company that makes steel by recycling used metals and reforming them into new beams and sheets. Nucor has long had a reputation as a good place to work, although its human resource management policies have generated some controversy. Employees are paid by how much they produce, the more they produce… View Article

Administrative Law

Administrative law is the law relating to the control relating to government power. The primary purpose of administrative law is to keep the powers of government within their legal bounds, so as to protect citizens against abuse. Nature and Purpose of Administrative law Article 47 of the constitution (1) Every person has the right to… View Article

Safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults

The Safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults 1. Understand the legislation, regulations and policies that underpin the protection of vulnerable adults 1.1 Analyse the differences between the concept of safeguarding and the concept of protection in relation to vulnerable adults There is a difference between Safeguarding vulnerable adults/children and adult/child protection. Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility,… View Article

Supply Chain Design

The Darby Company manufactures and distributes meters used to measure electric power consumption. The company started as a small production plant in El Paso, Texas; today they have an additional production plant in San Bernardino, Ca. as well as three distribution centers in Fort Worth, Texas, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada. Due… View Article

Empowering and delegating

Delegation is the method of giving decision-making authority to lower-level employees. For the process to be successful, a worker must be able to obtain the resources and cooperation needed for successful completion of the delegated task. Empowerment of the workforce and task delegation is closely interrelated. Empowerment occurs when upper-level employees share power with lower-level… View Article

Models of decision making

When we speak of rational behavior, we should remember that our focus in this discussion is not on making decisions, but rather on how to support the process of making decisions. Managers are change agents, not just decision makers, so the steps before and after a decision are as important as the actual choice of… View Article