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Genetically modified foods: 6 thinking hats

1. Genetically modified foods or GM foods is to refer to crop plants created for human or animal consumption/ intake. GM foods are foods produced from organisms inserted into their DNA altering, and allowing genetic changes to be made, affecting their natural balance to give the desired affect –enhancing desired traits an e. g. being… View Article

Genetically Modified Foods, Pros and Cons persuasive essay

“When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow. ” – Ursula K. Le Guin. No matter what good some people believe they are doing, everything seems to come with a consequence, and the question is whether or not the good overpowers the bad. Many experts argue that Genetically Modified foods are actually beneficial… View Article

Health Risks of Genetically-Modified Foods

Genetically modified (GM) foods, introduced to the American Public in 1996, involves taking the genes of the DNA of one plant or animal and transferring them to another species creating a new organism. Justification for this scientific manipulation revealed promises to eliminate world hunger, make plants resistant to pests and disease, and produce healthier foods…. View Article

“Labeling of Genetically Modified Food Products”

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs were first introduced into Americas’ food supply in 1996, and there were 7 million acres of crops worldwide that were using GMO seeds. As of 2004, the crop size worldwide that uses GMO seeds had grown to 222 million acres with approximately 63% of those in the United States alone… View Article

Genetically Modified Foods

The topic of genetically modified foods is one that is hotly debated, but the problem is that the phrase GMO is very broad and encompasses techniques and modifications to food that you potentially should and shouldn’t be concerned about. At this point in time there doesn’t seem to be an overt benefit or risk to… View Article

Genetic engineering

Genetically modified foods (GM foods) have made for big talk in the public lately. Public interest groups have been actively protesting against GM foods for months. In response to the up swelling of public concern, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have held meetings to solicit public opinions and, begin the process of… View Article

Pro Genetically Modified Foods

We must have science to make medicine. All of us have been to the doctor to get medicine at least once in their lives. Think about how many people would die each year if it weren’t for modern day medicine; a lot, right? So it’s safe to say that some of us trust in medicine… View Article

Genetically Modified Foods

As the old saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but does it really mean what it used to? People are taking great risks by consuming genetically modified foods. Genetically modified crops, foods etc. are made when scientist combine genes from different organisms to get desired traits in a certain organism. Scientist… View Article

Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) are crops that have had changes made to their genetic material (DNA) in a way that does not occur naturally through the introduction of a gene from a different organisms. The use of genetically modified foods has been debated about for some time now. One side argues that GMO is more… View Article

Genetically modified organism

In 1994, the first genetically modified food was tested and sold out into the market. Since then, over 35 countries and establishments from all around the world have started producing genetically modified foods. Genetically modified foods should be permitted because of it’s health benefits and advantages to the economy. Genetically modified foods, also known as… View Article

Genetically modified organism

Everywhere where you go, there are fast food companies advertising their products. You take a road trip to your family’s house, and what do you see? Rest stops filled with fast food restaurants. According to Google maps, there are close to 50,000 fast food chains across the United States. (with Mcdonald’s being the largest restaurant… View Article

Logistics case

Stanley received multiple calls from customers complaining about late shipments for both truck and rail delays. Transportation delays were measured in days, not hours. Railcar delivery windows increased from two to seven days, and overall truckload service levels fell to less than 85 percent on time. Due to rise in price of the transportation cost… View Article