Maintenance Essay Topics

Lists of input and output information and sources

Prior to outlining the input and output information, the system development life cycle must be in place so that the analysis is done accordingly. The correct nature of the inputs and the outputs would make the system design vary accordingly as it requires to capture the information and put it into a frame to interpret… View Article

Sustainability in Maintenance

In a building construction, one is ought to consider a number of factors that will contribute to its sustainability. It’s vital to establish its long term or sustainability in maintenance. This is achieved by considering major factors that dictate the buildings sustainability in terms of maintenance, this include Energy, Water, Environmental friendly materials both indoors… View Article

Residential Building Maintenance

Up to-date maintenance of the residential buildings and keep them in sustained good condition poses a continuing challenge to the owners of multi storied residential buildings as well as smaller buildings. A careful assessment of the maintenance needs economic procurement of maintenance materials leading to savings in operational cost of maintenance and planning a scheduled… View Article

Pirates of Silverland

A. INTRODUCTION OF THE CASE Palm Haul Sdn Bhd (PHSB) was actively engaged in the business of transportation of crude palm oil (CPO). It was in a niche market because of high demand in delivering the CPO from the mills to the refineries. In addition, due to this reason, the industry players were rewarded with… View Article

Case Study – Troubleshooting Information Systems At theRoyal Hotel

Major Issues 1) Management issues on the part of Fancy Consultants & Company a. Sent an intern alone on his first assignment b. Assignment was only slated for 1 week (Piccoli 53) c. Pulled intern from job before it was completed 2) Blake jumped right to an IT solution without understanding the as-is system fully…. View Article