Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi knew the best way to fight the British was with love and peace not violence and hatred

Gandhi never bragged about being a wonderful leader. He was just doing what he thought was right for his country and others

Gandhi was not afraid to speak his mind and have speeches and protests even though he knew the punishments.

Gandhi was willing to get thrown on jail, mistreated and even die for what he knew in his heart was right.

Gandhi helped to free India from the British. the people there would say he is a hero, but he is not only a hero in India, he is a hero around the world.

Gandhi wasn’t afraid to stand up to the British and let them know what they were doing was wrong and that it was time for a change

Gandhi was a sweet, kind-hearted person who just want to stop the discrimination in India and live in peace.

Gandhi speeches were inspiring , deep, and intense all at the same time, but it had a peaceful and gentle touch to it at the same time

Gandhi knew that his country was not able to fight the British physically. He was wise enough to know that word have a better affect on people than a weapon

born leader
Gandhi was born to be a leader. He was easy to love and be inspired by. He was every thing a leader should be and more.

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