Magic Essay Topics

On being the youngest

“I hate being the baby! ” That’s a common statement one hears all too often. I’m the youngest one in my family,and the only girl among two brothers at that. Quite a number of my friends are the eldest among their siblings, and from what I’ve heard from them, their little sisters and brothers are… View Article

How does Faustus use the magical gifts that he receives?

Faustus is an extremely ambitious and clever man. This is seen to the extent that he sells his soul to fulfil his ambitions. He uses magic in order to strengthen his power and knowledge and thus this makes him dangerous. He is hubristic and aims to posses knowledge that no other mortal should have. In… View Article

History of DES

DES was proposed in 1975 and approved in 1977 as a federal information processing standard. It was criticized by the people who felt that it’s 56 key lengths to be insecure. In spite of this, DES remained a strong encryption algorithm until mid 1990. In the year 1998 summer, the insecurity of DES was demonstrated… View Article

The Interrelationship Between Religion and Magic

For centuries, religion and magic have been intertwined. For some, the idea of magic may seem to be fantastical journey created on a Hollywood movie set. For others, however, magic is viewed as an essential element of their religious practices. To those who believe, magic is seen as a pathway in the pursuit of such… View Article

Modern Magic

In his essay, Benjamin is mostly concerned with the authenticity of an object, especially – the authenticity of a work of art. Authenticity is key because it is the measure of both the history and the “life” of the object and of our understanding of it. He shows the notion of authenticity through a number… View Article

Happening Truth

I was wearing white, sparkly Skechers and those pants that swoosh together every time you take a step. Fourth grade was a tough year as my class moved to Proctor Elementary school and hit my “awkward stage”. I was taller than all my friends and my chubby cheeks overwhelmed my face. My self confidence was… View Article

The Enchanted Castle

Gerald, Jimmy and Kathleen were at school in a little town in the west of England-the boys at one school and the girl at another. They used to see each other on Saturdays and Sundays at the house of a kind maiden lady named Miss Hervey. As the holidays were fast approaching, they decided to… View Article

Salem Witch Trials Informative Essay

Imagine hearing your own child screaming in pain because of witches. Then, imagine being awoken by people pounding at your front door. Imagine sitting there in a court room being accused for being a witch. Sadly this is what happened in the Salem Witch Trials, which occurred in Salem, Massachusetts. The Salem Witch Trials were… View Article

The Role of the Supernatural in “The Tempest”

From the very start of Shakespeare’s play, “The Tempest”, magic is used to mesmerize the audience. The entire plot of this play is very reliant on the supernatural. Prospero, Ariel, and Caliban all have magical powers. Magic lets these characters, mainly Prospero, manipulate the other characters and make them do their bidding. Magic also maneuvers… View Article

Superstition and dream interpretations in the duchess of malfi

Superstition, a sort of a feeling that takes umpteen number of forms and at times frightens life out of people, takes a special pedestal in the life of a person which might make a person float on cloud nine or perish in dungeons. Superstitions are universal and they do exist even now in the 21st… View Article

Relgion VS Superstition

Religion is defined as a belief in a divine or superhuman power or higher being to be worshiped as the creator of the universe. Many of the characters have strong religious beliefs, but will not practice any form of superstitious behavior. Both the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson share a common belief in God but… View Article

Young Girls Gone Wild

A crowd of young girls watched in awe when the lives of people in their town were cut short as they hanged, lifeless and cold their feet dangling just feet above the ground. One young lady was even smirking at the horrid sight as she came to realize her extreme actions had paid off. This… View Article

What Caused the Salem Witch Trials?

Puritans believed that every word of the Bible was the true word of God and was to be followed to the very last letter. Since the Bible mentions the existence of the Devil and witches, the Puritans were aware and suspicious of misdeeds and unexplained happenings. Once the word of witches tumbles from ones lips,… View Article

Summer Solstice

The story happened during the St. John’s Day, Doña Lupeng finds Amada in a state of madness and ecstasy after the latter attended the local ritual of Tadtarin , where the womendance and invoke the spirit to empower them. And then they went to the house of their. Setting and Conflicts Setting – Since the… View Article

Salem trials

The Salem Witchcraft Trials was brought on by some young women. They accused many different people of performing witchcraft. Those who said they were innocent were killed and those who said they were guilty were used to help find more witches. Lyle Koehler says “Yes” in his book,” A Search for Power: The ‘Weaker Sex’… View Article