Madness Essay Topics

Madness: Response

Madness could be defined as the condition of being insane. For the duration of our exam we were looking into the idea of madness and how it is perceived in the past and present society. I believe that we were given the topic of madness because it has always existed in different forms and has… View Article

Victorian Madness

. How does Alice’s behavior change with her size? What does it indicate? The changes in her size not only affected her physical attributes but her behaviors and perspectives as well. It probably reflects her growth from a child to an adult. When she was small, she was uncertain of herself but when she grew… View Article

An Analysis of Miss Havisham’s Madness

This paper will attempt to explore the atypical behavior of Miss Havisham, arguably the most memorable character in Charles Dicken’s novel, “Great Expectations”. The analysis shall be done in the context of the society she was part of and the events she had been through. MADNESS DURING THE VICTORIAN ERA During the eighteen hundreds, a… View Article

Money Madness

Money is our madness, our vest collective madness. And of course, if the multitude is mad the individual carries his own grain of insanity around with him. I doubt if any man living hands out a pound note without a pang; and a real tremor, if he hands out a ten pound note. We quail,… View Article

A Woman’s Descent to Madness

The short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” penned by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is one of the most recognizable texts in feminist literature. The story conveys the struggle of a woman who seeks to break away from the limits imposed by the patriarchal society she lives in. Gilman conveys her message through the experience of a woman… View Article

Culture of Madness

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that enables individuals to engage in unruly behavior. It is a mental disorder that makes individuals deviate from social norms. In the years between 1920s and 1950s, schizophrenia was a general condition that was manifested by emotional disharmony and impacted negatively on the abilities of the white people with regard… View Article

Culture Of Madness

The article “The Harmony of Illusions: Inventing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” by Allan Young can be seen as partly being history and the other part being ethnography. It details on how Post Traumatic Stress Disorders among Vietnam veterans was treated. Young clearly brings out the methods used for treatment, the group therapy as well as… View Article

Seeing Things Differently. The Lot by Michael Leunig

Context: The prompt, we believe what those who are stronger than us tell us to believe, draws ideas from every day events and experiences. It poses the idea that reality is contagious and is never true. What we believe in varies, it varies on what people say to us and how we present our beliefs… View Article