Macroeconomics Essay Topics


The article Outsourcing and the Globalizing Legal Profession(Krishnan, 2007) stated that the outsourcing of United States jobs to third world countries like China, India and other low –wage countries for some quarters, specifically those who have lost their jobs to the outsource destinations like the Indians and the Chinese. However, many free trade movers strongly… View Article

Basic Economics Definitions

Colander (2010) stated, “Economics is the study of how human beings coordinate their wants and desires, given the decision-making mechanisms, social customs, and political realities of the society” (p. 4). The main word defining “economics” would be coordination, and in economics, refers to three central problems that face any economy and how they are solved…. View Article

The Political Economy of Permanent Crisis in the Philippines

In a world where competition gets tougher and tighter, it does not pay to play around and settle with typical and average situations. It is not valuable that we settle for anything less. Hence, it is necessary that we improve on what we got and acquire some assets that we do not possess. However, looking… View Article

Impact of the World Economic Recession on Tax Administration in Ghana

2.1 Theoretical Review The use of domestic resources for development purposes is becoming more and more important as access to foreign resources becomes increasingly difficult. It is the current global financial crisis and the subsequent recession that are generally expected to make access to foreign resources more difficult. Ironically, however, these are possibilities of the… View Article

Macroeconomics Of Japan

Japan is the greatest economy in Asia, in terms of GDP, as well as human resources and technology. The nation was once predicted to be the next superpower nation exceeding the United Sates and countries of the European Union. Today, it is the world’s third-largest economy after the United States and People’s Republic of China…. View Article

The influences of stakeholders

Introduction In the primitive world, the bank began from the simple work is keep something for the people whose possession to avoid losing it. On the contrary, the customer must pay money for that service. When this works take the benefits for all of people (keeper and sender). Gradually, the human send the various things… View Article

Indonesia: the Troubled Giant

I.Time Context Indonesia is a large country in the Southeast Asia. It has been in steady growth economically under the leadership of Suharto but experiencing unfair treatment by the government as the president favors those of his colleagues in many aspects. Due to Asians financial crisis debt of considerable value has been incurred and lead… View Article

Ronald Reagan and Free Market Economy

The real role of government in relation to the economy is much like the role of the captain of a sailboat: If he has rigged the sails correctly, the ship will steer itself.Reagan used supply-side economic policies to change the way the United States looked at the economy. His policies, regardless of standpoint, were a… View Article

The Zambian Economy’s Benefits from Foreign Direct Investment

Discuss the extent to which the Zambian economy has benefited from using FDI, cite examples Development process must encompass improvements in production of goods and services which essentially aim at raising the standards of living of society’s social, economical, political, environmental and administrative structures (Gabas, 1993), with development comes improved education, health, social and economic… View Article

Malaysia – Quarterly Balance of Payment in 2010-2012

This report is focused on the analysis of Malaysia’s balance of payment for last six quarters (from Q3/2011 to Q3/2012). It will show the impact of balance of payment to economy or the financial crisis. The last part of this report will involve the summary and the forecast the Malaysia’s balance of payment in the… View Article

Microeconomics and macroeconomics

Microeconomics is the branch of economics which deals into a more ‘individual’ scope of the study, such as the choices made by people in terms of the utilization and allocation of resources as well as the pricing of goods and services. In addition, it includes taxes and the policies created by governments. This field of… View Article

Federal Reserve

This paper provides discussions among the learning team members on The United States deficit surplus and debt. The team will discuss how U. S. deficit surplus and debt have an effect on taxpayers, future social security and Medicare users, unemployed individuals, University of Phoenix students, the United States’ financial reputation on an international level, a… View Article

Meubles Canadal: Looking Towards the Future

Introduction Meubles Canadel is Canada’s leading manufacturing firm in producing high quality furniture for dining purposes and was established in 1982 by three brothers in Louisville, a small town in the province of Quebec in Canada. It is a privately own company and established itself from a small to a large international operating company with… View Article

Supply-Side Economics: History and Relevance

Introduction The theory of supply-side economics has several labels associated with it, some positive and others negative, with “Reaganomics” or the “Trickle-down” policy being the most notable. Simply put, supply-side economics centers on the idea that the path to economic strength is achieved by focusing on the supply side of the market rather than the… View Article

Macroeconomics Assignment

Current economic conditions in the U. S an all around the world are rising to alarming situations, with the dilemma being common that whether its inflation or recession, which is hampering the economy badly. The liquidity issues are affecting the U. S economy badly, the money supply is shrinking although the Federal Reserve is pursuing… View Article