Machine Essay Topics

The Normalising Machine

The normalising machine has two parts to it and I am going to talk about the first part that is what we did in the lessons. We started off by looking at the characters. We had to make a little improvisation up about how the characters are put across to us. We used still images,… View Article

Gym – Rowing machine

At the start of my program I tried to limit my amount of work. His was because I did not want to overload my body with a lot of work otherwise I would not progress. In the first week I did mainly strength training as I thought my shots weren’t powerful enough. Through the week… View Article

University professor’s pay

Since professor is such a demanding job, and its supply is so less, its replacibility is low and thus its price is comparatively high. In contrary, street cleaner is not as demanding career as professors, it requires low requirements of knowledge, low expectation on outsiders, time and money used for training a street cleaner is… View Article

The Externalizing Machine

In todays mostly capitalistic world people who are consumers think that they have power to decide what products to purchase; people who are stockholders are only interested in the profit; people who run corporations make that profit regardless of the price others have to pay; and people who live in developing countries work for 3c… View Article

Machine Made Ghost

Chapter six of “The Matrix and Philosophy” provides the study of the significant contribution of philosophy applied in the film art. Jason Holt wrote his philosophical analysis regarding the movie “the Matrix” with a large consideration on its relation with the ideas from some key philosophers in history. He drew some arguments using the perspective… View Article

Can a Machine Know?

“Computers rule the world”, that’s what they always say. It’s the computer age and everything is run by computers. In the telecommunications industry, operators in the traffic section were laid off only to be replaced by machines. A lot of companies prefer to invest in computerized equipments than hiring people to do the job. No… View Article

The Urban Political Machine

Basically, an urban political machine is a system which was born around the end of the 19th and the early part of the 20th century. This system was formulated to cater to the needs of immigrants and other urban dwellers because they have become part of the majority of the population around this time. The… View Article

Perpetual motion machine

Physicists say that it is impossible to create a perpetual motion machine, a machine whose own activity keeps it running perpetually. What energy principle precludes the possibility of a perpetual motion machine? One principle in physics that is applicable in this case is the Law of Conservation of Energy. The theory basically states that energy… View Article

OSHA and Machine Safeguarding

Guidelines on machine guarding – In most industries, small and large machines are used to perform various functions. The moving parts of these machines can cause injuries such as amputations, burns, lacerations, or crushing (Safety and Health Topics). OSHA has brought about certain guidelines, which are mandatory for employers to follow while using machines in… View Article

Introduction To Power Steering Systems

Gemmer’s Hydraguide system, the first power steering system used on an American car, was Chrysler’s answer to the massive front end weight created by the new hemi V-8. Other manufacturers quickly followed.Two power steering designs emerged. Linkage assist steering and the integral power steering gear-each use a constant flow, positive displacement hydraulic pump. The pump,… View Article

Organisation Structure

1. SCOPE OF WORK 1. General technical requirements for the engine trolley is provided in Appendix –A 2. Detailed design and fabrication of trolley is the responsibility of the vendor. 3. Vendor shall use standard durable, good quality, commercially available items such as wheels, tyres, plates, fasteners etc. 4. Aesthetics shall be given importance in… View Article

Littlefield Technology Game Capacity

The game was held over a week and enabled us to increase our understanding of inventory management at the production stage in the supply chain. In this game, the objective was to accomplish production and delivery of the production within 3 days of lead time. Over the course of the game, we were to monitor… View Article

Robots Good Or Bad

In 1954, George Devol created the first programmable and digital robot. At first, it was an accident. Since then, robotics has gone through a massive change in design and technology. More than a million industrial robots are now in use, nearly half are in use in Japan. During the 20th century, robots were simple and… View Article

My Worst Job

I have held a couple of jobs in my short yet young life. I have not so much as hated a one particular job but rather didn’t like a certain conditions or a particular person, but at Western Inventory I recall too many things that were unpleasant, intolerable and unbearable. The first job I ever… View Article

The secret of the machines (by Rudyard Kipling)

Each person has a different worldview. Technology can bring many benefits and convenience to our life. However, these conveniences are not unlimited. In other hand, it makes us become dependent. There is nothing better than our own. Many authors have shown that vision through poetry and writing. And the poem “The secret of the machines”… View Article