Luxury Essay Examples

Growth and Potential of International Luxury Fashion Brands

This is to certify that the project entitled ? Growth and Potential of Luxury International Fashion Brands in India? is submitted towards the partial fulfillment of the program ? Master of Fashion Management‘ by Kanan Gupta. It is an original work done under my guidance and the results are based on the research done by… View Article

Luxury brands

Whenever you switch on the television, or flip through the pages of magazines, you are bombarded with celebrity news and reality shows that touch your inner needs to feel beautiful, important and recognized. Those gorgeous people in advertisements tell you that their lifestyle and material possessions like clothes and accessories can make you beautiful as… View Article

Montblanc International GmbH

Introduction of Montblanc International GmbH Montblanc International GmbH was founded in 1906, by a stationery trader Claus-Johannes Voss, a Hamburg banker Alfred Nehemias and the Berlin engineer August Eberstein and is a subsidiary of Compagnie Financiere Richemont- Cartier, Dunhill, Chloe and seven others companies; It is German Manufacturer of writing instruments, jewellery and leather goods…. View Article

Raleigh & Rosse: Measures to Motivate Exceptional Service

Summary of Case Situation In this case, Raleigh & Rosse, Simons and Mahoney (2011) report that Raleigh & Rosse, a retailer for luxury goods, is dealing with a class of action lawsuit from its own sales associates. R&R had established loyal customer relationships, and good reputation by providing high-level service. In fact, to build an… View Article

Brand consciousness

“This research report is to aid Article Circle Limited of Canada in the exporting of diamonds to the Indian market.”A brand is an offering from a known source. Brand Consciousness is more than simply a preference for brand names. The term luxury was limited to only the rich and the elite, but today in India,… View Article