Location Essay Examples

Factors affecting location

One of the hardest things to do when setting up a business it to choose its location. There are many different factors, which have to be put into consideration before choosing a location. Many businesses, which currently exist, are based at that location because of the history and tradition of the company. If it moves… View Article

The map of Peacocks’ location

Peacocks is located in Peckham Rye lane next to rye lane market where Top Girl hairdressers salon is located. Stakeholders who are directly affected by the activities of Peacocks Stakeholders These are individuals or groups of people who have an interest in what the Peacocks does and either are affected by what Peacocks does or affect Peacocks by… View Article

Evaluation of International Investment Location

We are an International car components manufacturing company located in Australia. We are seeking for investment opportunities in the automotive sector in attractive international markets. For this purpose our syndicate has short listed two countries viz. China and India. This report provides detailed analysis of the two countries in terms of the political and economic… View Article

Drainage Design

Design of Storm Drainage System for a new city to be developed is the part of overall infrastructure design of the project. The design will include the independent storm drainage system for development area and its integration with the future storm drainage system. Purpose of study The objective of the design of storm drainage system… View Article

New York University

Bill Pope born in Bowling green, Kentucky, USA on 19th June 1952, he is a graduate from New York University with a master degree in fine art. While in university, he did many projects, he shot one of his best documentaries called “The Sixth Week” which was nominated and won the academy award for the… View Article

WiFi RealTime Location Tracking Systems

Wrireless networks has affected large and small companies alike. While Radia Frequency Identification (RFID) tags based networks have gained popularity over the years, there are also other wireless networks available that are being tested in order to provide same functionality and more. Wi-Fi and blue tooth are two of the examples of such networks. This… View Article