Liverpool Essay Examples

History of Blackpool – growth and decline

For the majority of the 19th century Blackpool was a small fishing village, which received small numbers of upper class visitors who came due to the supposed healing capabilities of the coast, and it’s fresh air. This changed in 1846 with the creation of a railway line going up to Blackpool, which made travel to… View Article

Comparison of The Crucible and After Liverpool

For this assignment I am going to be comparing two plays both of which I have studied and preformed. The first play, which I studied, was the crucible by Arthur Miller and After Liverpool by James Saunders. Each of the two plays are naturalistic but are set in two very different times. The Crucible is… View Article

Blitz Spirit

In this essay I will be arguing whether there was really a supposed ‘blitz spirit’ in Britain during the war with Germany with Hitler the chancellor. The themes I will be focusing on throughout the essay and referring back to are; fear, tendency for victory, and abandonment. Firstly, starting off with a major for the… View Article

Urban Cultural Policy: The Case of Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the most populous cities in England. It has been known as a cultural center worldwide. By the year 2003, Liverpool has been called the European Capital of Culture 2008. The city has became famous for its heritage, maritime, architecture, arts, and most especially, for its rich music. Its title would serve… View Article

The Economic, Social And Physical Impacts Of ECOC

The award of European Capital of Culture to Liverpool (ECOC) 2008 in 2003 helped to revive the dreams of this south eastern city as it had been experiencing an all time economic low. As the city seeks to revive the former image of its city centre, industrial sites and economy, it has adopted the legacy… View Article