Literary technique Essay Examples

Thematics by Boris Tomashevsky

Tomashevsky is a Formalist. (From Wikipedia: In literary theory, formalism refers to critical approaches that analyze, interpret, or evaluate the inherent features of a text. The formalist approach reduces the importance of a text’s historical, biographical, and cultural context.) Introduction to Tomashevsky’s Approach The introduction to “Thematics” by Tomashevsky states that Tomashevsky’s essay is a… View Article

Poems: Poetry and Film Karate Kid

Good morning teachers and students, our understanding of Hamlet takes many turns and the most important of these is in act 3 scene II. As a pivotal scene in William Shakespeare’s play, audiences gain an understanding of the characters and their actions leading up to this point. Many of the themes in the play come… View Article

Richard’s Soliloquies

i)Identify the context for each ii)Analyze the language of each and its meaning iii)Consider what insights they give into Richard’s character, emotions and thinking at the time iv)Discuss how the soliloquies help structure the play and are used to create dramatic interest 1. The opening soliloquy: “Now is the winter of our discontent” 1. 1…. View Article

Notes How Steinbeck develops the character of Curly’s wife

Notes for controlled assessment: Examine how Steinbeck develops the character of Curly’s wife. INTRO. Develops through different themes and emotions through book. Introduced through males eyes negatively. Gives reader impression she is promiscuous and dangerous. ‘Tart, jailbait, tramp. First appearance in book describes her as flirtatious/temptress. As book progresses the views on the character change… View Article

Claudius Speech – Hamlet

Claudius, the former ruler, husband of his sister and brother of the recently perished king gives a speech at the beginning of Act I. II of Hamlet. Shakespeare’s use of literary devices allows the reader to comprehend the intentions behind Claudius’s figurative language within his coronation speech. The opening scene in Hamlet portrays Denmark to… View Article

Rhetorical Devices and Literary Techniques

Rhetorical devices and literary techniques are closely related to tone and style. In fact, an author’s style partly consists of selecting and using certain devices; an author’s tone is partially determined by the type of techniques an author uses. Many SAT books will list lots of Greek terms you don’t need to know, such as… View Article