Liquid Essay Examples

“To Paint a Water Lily” by Ted Hughes

In “To Paint a Water Lily,” by Ted Hughes, the speaker examines the complex aspects of nature by revealing the challenges he faces as an artist in capturing its real meaning. When he looks at the scene, he sees an exciting little world of constant movement and activity, hidden by the peaceful stillness of the… View Article

Signficance Of The Study

Our study, which is how to make an effective Floorwax without using gas . Instead We used cooking oil (used). It has a lot of significance on life of everyone. The first one is that it helps us avoid Respiratory Diseases, how? For example You’ll use a Floorwax cleaning the floor because of the gas… View Article

Determining the Melting Point of a Substance

Questions: 1. The effect of the impurity on the mixture caused the melting point of the mixture to be lowered. 2. The reason why the melting point of a binary mixture is lowered, is due to the fact that the mixture of the two components has caused the structure of the solid to change and… View Article

Biology Lab for virtual school.. Lesson 1.04

When an object falls onto the surface, it has to push the water molecules apart. If the effect of the weight of the object is insufficient to match the attractive forces between molecules in the surface layer, the object will not enter the surface. Molecules of most detergents and soaps are long chain hydrocarbon molecules… View Article

Science Investigatory Project

Charcoal one of the earliest known forms of ink, was used as early as 30,000 BC. The first of its use documented in the continent of Europe. It may be a bit primitive to these modern times but still very useable for those who want to try it. The recipe of making it however is… View Article

Determination of the identity of an unknown liquid

Purpose The purpose of this lab is to determine the identity of an unknown liquid by measuring its density and its boiling point and try to match it with those solutions given in Table 2 of experiment 2. Procedure In Part A, The main purpose was to find the determination of the density of the… View Article

Whether the charcoal and the engine oil can be an alternative?

A. Background of the Study Being resourceful is very important to subdue the economic crisis we’re facing as of today. Now, our school is not anymore using green boards and chalks, instead we have the whiteboard or glass board and we’re already using advance technologies in order to discuss. Most of the students don’t have… View Article

The Colligative Property

Are you familiar with Colligative Properties? Do you know that these properties are all around us, in our daily lives? Better yet, do you know how these properties affect us? Take a look on the inside scoop of what goes on to the water you sprinkled salt on while cooking Alfredo pasta, or the reason… View Article