Life and Times of Marcus Tullius Cicero

Marcus Tullius Cicero
Rome’s most famous orator

Cicero born on
January 03, 106 BC

Cicero was killed on
December 07, 43 BC

Cicero was killed by
soldiers (assassins) of Marc Antony

Cicero was killed for
Philippics against Antony

the speeches Cicero made against Antony

where Cicero made his most famous speeches

one of Cicero’s most famous lines as a lawyer
cui bono

who benefits?
cui bono

Cicero’s home town

Cicero’s son
Marcus (Tullius Cicero Minor)

Cicero’s daughter (died young)

Cicero’s first famous prosecution
against Verres

someone in Roman society without real family background, who becomes successful on his own
novus homo (new man)

Cicero was consul of Rome in
63 BC

Cicero prosecuted Catiline for trying to overthrow the Republic in
63 BC

senatus ultimum consultum
the ultimate decree of the Senate; (a death penalty)

Cicero went into exile Greece in
58 BC

First Triumvirate
Pompey, Crassus, Julius Caesar; what Cicero did not join

Second Triumvirate
Octavian, Antony Lepidus; what else Cicero did not join

Cicero’s slave/servant

Cicero wrote more than
600 letters!