Life Essay Examples

Life Frankenstein

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1818. Frankenstein was a gothic novel and the book was based on Mary Shelly’s life as she had a lot of death in her life as her mother died giving birth to her she and she lost her only baby. Mary Shelly want to bring her back as that is… View Article

Reflection of life

America was put into a state of national depression in a matter of 24 hours. On October 29, 1929 millions of dollars was lost by the American economy in a time known as, the Wall Street Crash (this led to the Depression). Banks became bankrupt themselves and over 1/3 of the American population became redundant…. View Article

Imperfections of normal life

‘One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them’. This line sounds stereotypically from a fantasy film, and it would perhaps not fit in to other genres such as comedy or romance. Fantasy films often take us in to a different… View Article

Someone’s life

Also with Dickens’ idea of the legal system being iniquitous the judge doesn’t take into account that the convict has changed, he has helped Pip quite significantly, the convict made Pip a gentleman. The convict was now living a good life but this new lifestyle was ignored by the court due to his background. As we… View Article

A day in the life of me!

BEEP! BEEP! CRASH! (The alarm clock hits the wall) it must be 6:30 am, (I think that 6:30 should not even have an AM! ). Then I think to my self weekends shouldn’t have alarm-clocks going off on them but of course it is not a weekend it’s a Moany Monday Morning. On a Monday… View Article

American way of life

Choose one scene from “The Crucible” that you consider being particularly dramatic, exciting or tense. Explain your choice and discuss the importance of this scene to the play as a whole. McCarthyism is the term describing a period, 1940s and 50s, when the USA was obsessed with a fear of communists secretly trying to destroy the… View Article

How accurate is Bleasdale’s portrayal of family life ?

It is the 1980s. Britain’s working class are suffering due to high unemployment and a bleak and depressing world recession. The mood of the general public, especially the unemployed, is one of despair and resignation, coupled with the fact that the government do not understand their hopeless predicament. Then, amongst the riots and protests breaking… View Article

Eddie’s life

Eddie is showing that he is faithful to his duties as a husband by showing consideration towards Beatrice. This would show Eddie as a better man because despite Beatrice disobeying Eddie by wanting to go the wedding, Eddie still cares for her as a wife. Beatrice: (very nervous and agitated) Why don’t you go to… View Article

Willy Loman

Task: “Willy Loman is in many ways foolish and objectionable, and yet he still commands our sympathy and even our respect.” How far do you share this view of Willy Loman? In your response, you should consider how an actor might interpret the role of Willy. Willy Loman is the main character of “Death of a… View Article

Throughout life

Every situation that an individual is exposed to throughout life, helps mold our “self. ” As humans we have the ability to see ourselves from the outside, and all through life we try to see what others see and our “self” revolves around the generalized other. We observe how others perceive us and we make… View Article

Life after death

Life after death is credible to a large extent, as there is a large of percentage of people who believe in it. A study carried out between October and November 2009 showed that out of 2,060 people, 53% believed in life after death, with 55% believing in heaven and 70% believing in the human soul… View Article

The Third Life of Grange Copeland

Published in 1970, Alice Walker’s novel “The Third Life of Grange Copeland” explores the relationship between three generations of poor, rural black people in Georgia from the 1920”s, through to the beginnings of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s. Walker was and still is active in the Civil Rights Movement, but due to her… View Article

Episode in my life

Some may ponder on how merely playing hockey changed my perspective in life and on people. Even I never expected pursuing my interest would result in such a dramatic affect in my life. It all started of when I was in my last year on the school hockey team. Due to my seniority and experience in… View Article


I woke up at 11 am feeling refreshed. I hadn’t slept in since my family had started on our road trip to Canada. We were finally in Calgary and were leaving for home the next day-A good 22-hour drive. I got up quickly from my bed and jumped over my laptop charger. A disorienting head… View Article

What I feel most passionate about in life?

How would someone interpret the word “passion”? For someone it might be overwhelming sense of euphoria that is coursed by inner maturity. For another one it will reflect the level of needs satisfied. However, opinions differ, so let’s dive into the world of passion through the prism of my interests and benefits. Everyone knows the… View Article