Let Us Keep Our Guns, a Logos Essay on Gun Control in America Essay

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Let Us Keep Our Guns, a Logos Essay on Gun Control in America

I don’t think that it is OK for the government to take our firearms away from us law abiding citizens. There are many reasons for us, as a free and undivided country, that I believe we should have the right to possess guns. First of all, it is in our constitutional amendments as Americans that we have the right to bear arms. Our second amendment states that we can and should not only own, but also carry our guns. People enjoy using firearms to hunt for sport and survival reasons.

I know personally several people that if not for their rifle they would most likely starve, as that is how they get their biggest source of meats to feed themselves and their families. There are threats from other countries of terrorism on a constant basis and people are beginning to not be allowed to have guns in their house to protect themselves, their families, friends, and loved ones. Ask our congress, our president, if they have armed security for themselves and their families.

They have men armed to the teeth with fully automatic assault rifles, most with armor piercing rounds, the same rounds and guns that our military uses to fight for our country. Though these men guarding their families are OK to have them because its a feeling of security for them. In the same breath we, as Americans, are being told what we can and can not have to protect our families. People have been scared into thinking that all guns are going to wind up hurting someone because a couple of people who were not caring about others went out and hurt others using guns.

There has also been people doing the same things with knives, poisons, vehicles, the list goes on and on. Yet you don’t see any of those listed as illegal. We have veterans who have fought and nearly gave their lives to keep our country free, most of them have seen more then one someone they know killed doing what was right fighting for your and my freedoms. Freedoms that we are having stripped from us little by little every day, unaware how much has been taken away from us already.

I personally would not have any soldiers blood shed for a cause that in the end was going to be nothing they fought for in the long run anyways. I don’t want to believe that these brave men and women who gave their lives, families gave sons, brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters and daughters. Witch they did so for someone in congress to take away the freedoms that these soldiers believed so strongly in. I am not saying that every man woman and child should own nd carry a gun, but only that if you choose to exercise that right then it should be your choice to make. No man, president or citizen, should be denied a right that another man so willingly fought and died to protect. Just remember when your told what you can and can’t have, what you can and can not do, you have rights and you should never let another man take them from you. Many people believed strongly enough to fight and die, and did so for your rights. Stand strong and let no man control you.

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