Lesson Essay Examples

Probability lesson plan

Probability – the study of chance (Mathematics-sophomore) The purpose of this lesson aid is to help each student to know the basic principle of probability and to apply it to their everyday life. Probability or the study of chance is an important branch of mathematics that can be applied in other branch of sciences like… View Article

Evalution of “The Lesson”

Toni Cade Bambara’s short story “The Lesson” plays with the concepts of race and class by presenting them through the perspective of a character who is perhaps self-sabotaging in her fierce independence. The narrative tension of the story is the conflict between the young narrator and the college-educated Ms. Moore who has taken it upon… View Article

The Piano Lesson

The story of the piano originated from a time when slavery was highly practiced. This piano originally belonged to Joel Nolander, but was bought by Robert Sutter, Sutter’s grandfather. Although his wife adored the piano at first, she later changed her mind and wanted to have her slaves back. However, Joel Nolander refused. To console… View Article

Lesson Plan Reading

Reading skill can easily be developed in school pupils through simple, interesting, systematic and analytical instructional phonic practice. In order to prepare school children for reading, there is need to engage them in some activities that will stimulate their phonic awareness. According to Marilyn Jager Adams (2004), some of the activities are described below: Objective:… View Article

Eliza Thoughts

In the play Pygmalion, Eliza was viewed from a Marxist criticism. , because she was only a flower girl with a horrible was to speak English. At the beginning of the play Eliza was able to hear Higgins say that he can transform any girl into duchess, even though the girl would actually just be… View Article

Lesson Plan Template

The student will be able to solve an equation that contains two single digit numbers. The student will recognize the symbol for addition. The student will successfully set up the equation and put the numbers in the correct sequence. Anticipatory Set Teacher will introduce the lesson by calling two students to the front of the… View Article

A Lesson before Dying: What Makes an Educated Man?

A Lesson before Dying is a memorable novel, set in Bayone, Louisiana in the 1940’s, about an uneducated, illiterate black man, Jefferson, who is falsely accused of murder and sentenced to death. While on trial, his defense attorney likened him to a hog, calling him nothing more than a fool and a cornered animal. Jefferson’s… View Article

Support Staff and Teachers

As a teaching assistant your teacher may involve you in the planning of a lesson, she will tell you what the lesson is about and who they want you to work with. When the teacher is planning the lesson you should have the opportunity to discuss and look at pupils work with the teacher, this… View Article

History of education

Jim Henson once said, “Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” Teaching doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be smart, you have to be a teacher or professor. Being a good and intellectual person does make you belong. A program named Literacy Training Program (LTS) will help… View Article