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Of mice and men help

  Men’s view of women The working men’s view of women is like to buy women like they buy a drink so even women did not have proper rights just like Crooks, men would not think of having a proper relationship with women although Curley did have a wife he also used to go out… View Article

Of mice and men curley’s wife

Of Mice and Men is a microism of 1930s American society. Following the 1929 Wall Street Crash,, America went into the Great Depression, which lead many Americans to realise that the American Dream was never really possible. We see Curley’s Wife as a representation of women in America at that time. John Steinbeck’s novella of… View Article

Of mice and men – character analysis

Because the boss is of higher position than George and Lennie he really makes it clear that he is by shouting and being very rude, then watching to see what George and Lennie are going to do because they can’t actually do anything. Because he’s boss and if they did do anything then they would… View Article

George and Lennie

All the characters played in the novel “Of Mice and Men” are lonesome, living an empty life everyday consisting of mainly hard labor. The characters all live a very disheartening life, with the lack of happiness, love and affection in their lives. This can be seen also when George mentions that ‘ranch workers are the… View Article

Piece inspired by ‘Of Mice and Men’

The sun was blazing down on the yard outside the barn. The group of men were playing a horse shoe tournament. Lennie was still sitting down on a barrel, watching the other guys play. In the distance he saw a man walking towards them with a trail of dust bellowing from his feet. It was… View Article

Drawn together

Dawn had barely passed when the playful sounds of laughing and splashing filled the air by a small river in Auburn. The sun streaked heavily through the crispy remains of the last leaves in autumn. It was just cold enough to see your breath floating away in front of you like a tiny silver cloud…. View Article