Legislature Essay Examples

Reservation for Women

The Constitution (108th Amendment) Bill, 2010 as approved by Rajya Sabha recently, seeks to reserve as nearly as possible one third of all seats for women in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of Parliament, and the state legislative assemblies including Delhi. Rajya Sabha and Legislative councils in States are excluded from the purview of… View Article

Delegated Legislation

Delegated legislation refers to the rules and regulations, which are passed by some person or body under some enabling parent legislation. The Interpretation Act 1967 defines it as ‘any proclamation, rule, regulation, order, by-law or other instrument made under any Act, Enactment, Ordinance, or other lawful authority and having legislative effect’. BODY The Parliament and… View Article

Role and Function of Law

The law plays an important role in business and society. The law imposes rules and regulation that carry out the moral standards of business and society. The laws help maintain the policies and ethical conduct of individuals, groups, and corporations run smoothly. In business law can build goodwill between merchants and consumers. This should be… View Article

Locke’s Second Treatise of Government

Introduction In this essay, I would like to discuss Locke’s Second Treatise of Government section 131. This essay is divided into four parts. In the first part, I would like to interpret what Locke’s position is developed in section 131 and in the next part, I would like to discuss how Locke supports this position… View Article

Administrative Law

Introduction Administrative law is the law that determines the organization’s powers and duties of administrative officers. It is the law relating to the administrative government. It concerns itself with public authorities and how they function. Administrative law is the body of general principles that govern the exercise of power by authorities. Wade defines Administration Law… View Article

The purposive approach

There are many advantages to the purposive approach. Firstly, it gives effect to Parliaments intentions and avoids injustice, so the judges can avoid obvious absurdities and injustives so enables them to comply with Parliamentary sovreignity by doing what Parliament would have wanted; even though it’s ignoring the clear meaning of the words Parliament used. For… View Article

The Birth of the Republic

During the Seven Year War against France, England encountered many expenses which lead to the nation falling into a great debt. This debt created many issues between the British government and its people. England’s people felt as if the King was trying to rule over them and not take their own personal beliefs into consideration…. View Article

Compare the State and National government

In many ways, the structure of state governments and the national government mirror each other. In this forum section, each student is to research one state government and compare it to the national government. Next, explain to the class if you think that the state you researched has a good form of democratic government. Hint:… View Article

Executive ad legislative department

In the Philippines the executive department is the most essential core of the government. Governance is achievable even without assembly or legislature but ruling with no executive is near impossible. The executive is headed by a president, it is a department of government charged with the administration or implementation of a policy or law. In… View Article

The Parliamentary system vs. The Presidential system

Introduction The world of today has many different aspects towards the view of politics. Countries around the world all have diverse components, which makes that state in particular unique. The systems of the world are used to govern the state as its best of the ability according to the ideology and attitude of that particular… View Article

Democracy in the United States and Great Britain

Although the need for government to have leadership that provides direction is universal among states, the form that the government leadership assumes varies. Government structure varies significantly between the United States and Great Britain, despite that each is a democracy and share a common history. In fact, the common history of the United States and… View Article

Articles of Confederation and Articles of Constitution

After the Declaration of Independence, there was a sense among Congressman that they wanted a written document creating a government justifying the existence of the United States. The delegates of the Second Continental Congress were attempting to codify arrangements that had never before put into legal terminology. As a result, in late 1777, the Articles… View Article

Сonstitution of india

There shall be paid to the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India a salary at the rate of *four thousand rupees per mensem. (2) The person who was holding office immediately before the commencement of this Constitution as Auditor-General of India and has become on such commencement the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India under artcle 377… View Article

Legislatures learnsmart 5

1. True or false: Both chambers of Congress allow a member to speak for an unlimited time on the floor. A: false 2. Which of the following are members of the House leadership? A: Majority leader, majority whip and minority leader 3. Redistricting can diminish the advantages of being an incumbent because the candidate loses… View Article