Legal Essay Examples

Sequencing and Scheduling

These are tools that are used to identify all steps in operations process and organise them into the most efficient way and order to complete. A key role of operations when scheduling and sequencing is to perform a detailed task analysis to determine the different parts of the entire process of making a good or… View Article

Legal philosophy

The crucial element lies in bringing the guilty to justice; but for that to happen, it has to be determined first who is guilty and who is not, not just in terms of who committed the crime, but whether a certain action and the consequences of it fall under the category of crime at all,… View Article

The command version of legal positivism

It is perhaps best to first draw out the fundamental difference between natural law and command through legal positivism before analysing the way in which both schools of thought agree that political inferiors or subordinates are obliged to obey the laws their superiors set. Natural law is according to St Thomas Aquinas a-priori existing as… View Article

Ethical & Legal Issues in Counseling

Counselors like any other medical professionals are guided by professional ethics when it comes to performance of their duties. More often than not, mental health professions are usually faced with the challenge to observe ethical guidelines and legal concerns due to the unique criteria that comes with their job. Primarily, the ethical requirement requires the… View Article

Legal aspects of cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is of great essence to any community, just as diversity is important to the living organisms which can in fact, have their ecological system adversely affected, lack of cultural diversity can lead to an increase in the risk of economic and political instabilities. This therefore implies that it is very important to preserve… View Article