Lebanon Essay Examples

Trevor Dupuy’s War in Lebanon 1982

The 1982 war in Lebanon was yet another humiliation for the Arabs and victory for the US/Israel coalition that had dominated the area since Israel’s founding in 1948. This book, written by a former American army Colonel, is a history of that war and its aftermath, bringing the reader up to the mid 1980s. The… View Article

West or Anti West?

In the current era of globalization, a variety of changes and developments have taken place in terms of state-to-state relationships and expansion with the help of technological advancements. Businesses and corporations of developed countries have also progressed by shifting of their operations to least developing countries for lower labor cost and higher profit. Such example… View Article

A Taste of Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the countries situated on the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea in the Middle East. Its people considered the country as the place where the sun rises. The Lebanese people can be called Levantines since it was decided that the eastern part of the Sea will be called Levant. The country… View Article

Btec Business Level

TESCO’s customers want a quality product they can buy for a reasonable price. They want these products to be of good standard because the customer is spending their money on the products. Customers want the money they spend on purchasing these products to be worth it and that the quality they receive from the amount… View Article

Sharing an Apartment with a Roommate

Sharing an apartment with a roommate could be a good thing because a roommate can share your expenses and contribute to your home’s maintenance. When you share your apartment, you can save half of the money you spend every month. However, there are many ways in which sharing an apartment with a roommate can be… View Article

D1 Pest Analaysis of Tesco

Social There have been many changes over last 40 years .Customer possess mobile and car, Tesco has responded to this change by developing extra stores with larger parks. Customers want one stop shopping. Tesco has responded to this by making sure that their stock has nearly got everything a customer might need. Over last 40… View Article

Compare and Contrast

In the book Rachel in the World the author, Jane Bernstein shows the readers her struggles with raising Rachel. When Rachel turns eighteen she has the right to self-determination. Bernstein at times denies Rachel’s wants and choices. Rachel has free will since she is an adult and she is determined to be independent. Since Bernstein… View Article