Leasing Essay Examples


Leasing is a process by which a person rent property to another person with the rental contract. Lease has the same meaning as rent. Lessor and lessee are the main character in the process of leasing. Lessor Lessor is the owner of the property and assets. The lessor lease their assets or property under a… View Article

Leasing Research Paper

A lease is a contract written between two people one of whom is the owner of a property lending it to another party who uses it and gives financial compensation for the exchange. There are many different types of lease arrangements for property. They include full service, net, percentage, and gross leases (Lank, 2003).  To… View Article

Service Line Development

The following is a summary of advantages and disadvantages of building, buying and leasing space for the new orthopedic line at Trinity Community Hospital. Included in this summary, is the option I recommend and my basis for this choice. When considering building, buying or leasing space for the new orthopedic service line, one must consider… View Article

Response to Client Request

While working on a consulting engagement, a supervisor in your team has given you an assignment. The client is a regional trucking company. A new customer has approached the client with an opportunity that would require 120 trailers—20 more than the trucking company currently owns. The client is uncertain how long the relationship with the… View Article

Organizational Chart

The company I worked for in the past was FORE Properties. This was a chain or apartment communities that were all purchased and built by the owner and run by the property managers, assistant property managers, and the leasing team. The “chain of command” went as follows. This is my knowledge to the best of… View Article

The World Food Fair Ltd & Another v. Hong Kong Island Development Ltd

1st Plaintiff – The World Food Fair Limited (formerly know as wealth state Investments Limited) 2nd Plaintiff – The World Enterprises Holdings Limited Defendant – Hong Kong Island Development Limited (Owner of shopping mall and two plaintiffs are the owners of retail shops) In 1996, after conference, the plaintiffs brought an action against the defendant… View Article

Statement of Work for Wild Wood Apartments

History: Wild Woods Apartments is a property management company. They own around 20 different building, each of which is composed of anywhere from 10-60 different units. Each building has a lot of information to maintain such as occupancy, leases, payments and maintenance requests and expenses. This is expected to be done by the manger on… View Article