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Leadership: do traits matter? Essay

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Leadership: do traits matter?

Managers need skillful and talented leaders to make an organization successful. The reason is that talented leaders can drive their subordinates to achieve goals and objectives of an organization. That will enable organizations to stay competitive in the market. To be a successful leader there should be several qualities. Such as effective communication skills, effective decision making, effective planning, effective coaching skills, effective people management skills and effective motivating skills. These qualities of a competent leader are needed to plan to meet the requirements of an organization. Sailan also should have leaders who have above-mentioned qualities while facing a turbulent situation. As mentioned above Sailan has been failing to produce good advanced level and ordinary level results. Because of that, it has been difficult to achieve the competitive advantage for them as well. (ukessays, 2017)

The following methods can be used to review current leadership requirements of Sailan international school.
360-degree feedback – according to Linda (2014) through this 360 feedback employees or managers can get feedbacks regarding their strengths and weaknesses or competencies from peers, supervisors, direct reports and customers. According to (Neil, 2017)this method can be used to evaluate the performance of the whole organization. Especially weaknesses of employees can be identified. This method is so important for Sailan. The reason is that while facing a turbulent situation identifying weaknesses of teachers and the principal is very important. If there is any weakness in teaching the principal/ leader can arrange training programs to improve teaching skills. If there is any weakness in controlling teachers of the principal, director of education can send him for some leadership programs. When this happens Sailan will be able to produce good results and achieve the vision. Even teachers can get a clear picture of their performance by this method.

Blake and Mouton managerial grid – according to Peiris (2016) the managerial grid includes various techniques to evaluate leadership requirements. This grid is an important tool for managers to analyze their own leadership styles. According to Patty (2013), this grid has 81 leadership styles. Some of them are impoverished management, country club, task management, middle of the road, team management and team management. With the problem that Sailan faces at the moment team management is appropriate for Sailan. According to this leaders encourage and motivate their employees. Even leaders get a lot of respect from their employees. The principal can appoint sectional heads who can get respect from teachers. Then Sectional heads/ leaders of Sailan can motivate teachers to produce good results and achieve the vision. When teachers become loyal to the sectional heads those teachers will give their best to Sailan. That will enable Sailan to provide high-quality teaching for students.

SWOT analysis – SOFT analysis can be used to recognize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization. Internal and external factors can be identified by this analysis. (Mike, 2016)  When considering the strengths of Sailan, which has got a lot of facilities in comparison to other international schools in that particular area. For example, they have their own ground, an auditorium that more than 1500 people can be seated. Even an indoor stadium (almost finished) and a swimming pool have been under construction. The discipline of Sailan has been really good when compared with other international schools. That is one of the main reasons that most of the parents are willing to send their children to Sailan.

The main opportunity of Sailan is that this is mainly a Muslim community-based school. So easily they can get the attraction of Muslims who are living in that particular area rather than other international schools. The main weakness of this is lack of results. In last few years A/L and O/L results have been low compared to other schools. When talking about threats, there are a lot of competitive international schools situated around Sailan. Such as gateway, ST’Thomes, ST’ Nicholas, Lyceum, Leeds, Negombo south etc. Especially Leaders of Sailan should consider the weaknesses and threats. Leaders of Sailan such as Director of education, principal, and sectional heads need to correct if there is an error in the education system of Sailan. Principal or sectional heads can supervise teaching.Sectional heads can get feedbacks about the teaching of teachers from students. Even teachers can be asked to write lesson plans. Training programs can be provided for teachers. By monitoring teachers and providing training programs quality of teaching can be improved. It will lead to producing good O/L and A/L results. Then weaknesses of Sailan can be avoided. When producing good results Sailan can face threats easily. Even leader of Sailan should be able to exploit strengths and opportunities as well.

3.2 plan for the development of future situations requiring leadership.
The leadership plays a major role in achieving competitive advantage in the industry. The leaders usually create strategies to drive employees to attain vision and mission of an organization. (research papers, 2013) As mentioned above Sailan has threats from its rivals. Even when the school develops more teachers will be recruited in the future. Then leadership will be required to control them. Controlling a large number of teachers will not be an easy task. Leaders of Sailan will need more skills to control those teachers. And also recruitment and selection process has to be considered by leaders at Sailan when it develops. Especially Proper recruitment method and recruiting cost is very crucial for Sailan. Some suggestions are mentioned in the following which can use to identify how to plan for the development of future s

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