Leader Essay Examples

The Leadership of Daniel O’Connell

“The Leadership of Daniel O’Connell was the main reason for the successful development of constitutional nationalism in the first half of the 19th century.” How far would you agree? In the early nineteenth century, there was still prejudice against those of Catholic origin and they were still not given full political rights. Before O’Connell there… View Article

Leaders and subordinates in Spain

Influenced by its collectivist past, family values, a sense of identity and belonging to a group, are constitutive parts of society in Spain. They care for each other in society like a family. For many Spanish people, the family is effectively a replacement for the state. Generally, Spaniards are very conservative and they will resist… View Article

Effective leader

People should try to resolve any issue that comes up. For example, in the area of the workplace, situations arise in which there is conflict between one or more of the parties. In that situation, serving the interest of one party is a detriment to the others. Unethical conduct of business is a catch-all phrase… View Article

Identifying and defining problems

Leaders are at the forefront of every organization. They are looked upon by their subordinates in initiating the plans and goals of the organization. In essence, leaders are the guiding light of every organization whenever the latter is experiencing financial and economic woes, turmoil within the organization or disruption in the organization’s work processes. A… View Article

What is a leader?

Introduction The topic of leadership has never lost its importance to organizations. Today, it acquires special significance because of rapid changes increasing the need for leaders able to cope with a constant stream of challenges. The definition of leadership proves elusive because of the broad nature of the concept. Viewpoints also differ on how individuals… View Article

The Importance of Business Ethics in the Business Transactions Today

For me, ‘business ethics’ has something to do with the moral principles, values, and beliefs that revolve around a group of business people.  It may have something to do with the various strategies used in applying and demonstrating the values standards that the group implements to the public.  It may include the patterns of advertisement,… View Article

The leadership of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is considered to be the greatest president of America. This is because of his impeccable vision of future and leadership qualities. There are many examples that confirm the fact that he knew exactly how to lead. He was a person from a humble background. There were many people in his office who were… View Article

The Leadership Challenge

Challenges are what this book expands on, most especially, challenges pertaining to traditions and myths about leadership. Kouzes and Posner look at the issue of leadership and ask, “What’s new, and what’s different?” Through their research they conclude that even if the context has changed, the real meat of leadership remains the same. In their… View Article

The leader’s role in impacting instruction through classroom observation

The primary objective of any educational institution is to maximize student learning by providing facilities, resources and personnel necessary to facilitate this process. Student learning is, therefore of top priority and administrators within the school have to effectively coordinate programs to ensure that learning takes place. Therefore the learner, the principal, the teacher, educational coordinators… View Article

Leadership Challenges Of Today

The role of leaders today has become increasingly easier and yet more challenging at the same time.  With the level of technology that is available today as opposed to what was previously available, a leader is able to communicate much faster with the other members of the team and coordinate the work within large teams… View Article

Analysis of the Article: “The New Psychology of Leadership”

Analysis of the Article: “The New Psychology of Leadership” Scientific American Mind Journal, August 2007             The article by Stephen D. Reicher tells us about how the definition of “Leaders” has been changed over time, and how it transformed to suit today’s society (Reicher, Platow and Haslam). It tells about how this effective leadership contradicted… View Article

Experiential Leadership

Executive Summary   The researchers’ aim is to point out to the effect of Experiential Leadership in the selected company liked Barras Home Improvements. Background:   The Progress Report Name of the Business Manager of Barras Home Improvement Company is Mike Allen. He supervised 16 employees. Eight of them were assigned in office and eight… View Article

The Role of Leaders in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a system in which legislations and organizations are enacted to maintain social order and punish violators of the law. It is a field of criminology involving the study of crime including causes, criminal behavior and other aspects of it (Nuocleous, 2004, pp 93-94). It is composed of law enforcement, courts and corrections…. View Article

Strategic Leadership

Address the issue of leadership and corporate culture and whether the phrase ‘the fish stinks from the head down’ is an unfair indictment of senior managers.             Corporate culture is the prevalent and shared values and beliefs within an organization.  It becomes operational when leadership articulates it in written form.  Culture in an organization takes… View Article

Situational Leadership

Situation 1 The employee belongs to development level 4 and I would assign the project to her and let her determine how to accomplish it. (Action A) She belongs to the development 4 level because she is proficient and qualified. Additionally people also have confidence and high opinion her, furthermore she has great aspiration for… View Article