Law Essay Examples

Enthalpy change and Hess’s law.

Introduction: Enthalpy is the total energy of a system, some of which is restored as chemical potential energy in the chemical bonds. During reactions, bonds are broken and formed. As a result, all reactions are accompanied by a change in the potential energy of the bonds, and hence an enthalpy change. This enthalpy change of… View Article

The role of the law of defamation

The role of the law of defamation is to ensure that the interests of the individuals are protected from the right to freedom of expression in the largely unwritten constitution of UK. To evaluate whether there has or has in fact been defamation against George, the first thing to consider is what Defamation actually means…. View Article

To investigate the resistance of a wire

In this experiment the factor to be investigated is the resistance of a wire in a circuit when the wire’s length is altered. This means that all other factors must stay the same or else this would not be a fair test. I am going to investigate how different lengths of wire affect the resistance… View Article

Exothermic reaction

The object of this investigation is to determine the enthalpy change for the reaction CaCO3 (s) i?? CaO (s) + CO2 (g) by an indirect method based on Hess’ Law. Hess’s law states that the enthalpy change for any chemical reaction is independent of the route taken provided that the initial and final conditions are… View Article

The relationship between voltage, current and resistance

GCSE science Coursework An investigation into the relationship: V=I. R September 2003 By Helen Crutcher Bibliography The aim of the investigation The aim of this investigation is to see what the relationship between voltage, current and resistance is. We will be conducting two different experiments investigate Ohms law, V=I. R using, in our first experiment… View Article

Resistance coursework

My Investigation: I choose to do a nichrome wire because during my preliminary work nichrome shows more resistance compared to nickel and copper wire. This is because the electrons collide with the material of the nichrome wire. Measurements: The things I will have to measure are: the volts and amps and on each interval I… View Article

How the area of a wire affects the resistance in a circuit

Electricity is conducted through a conductor. Resistance is the word used to describe the opposition between forces. The more free electrons there are, the better the conduction and the worse the resistance is. The more atoms vibrate, the more resistance there is. The free electrons are given energy, as a result they move and collide… View Article

The electrical resistance of a wire

Therefore, the longer the wire, the further the electrons have to travel, and the more likely they are to have collisions with the metal atoms and so the greater the resistance. For example, if the length is doubled in series, the electrons will therefore have twice the resistance of each one separately. Thus the resistance… View Article

Newton Weights

As it is known, different materials have different properties. They act differently under different circumstances. There are a number of properties of matter which can be explained in terms of molecular behaviour. Among these properties is elasticity. Intermolecular forces: these are electromagnetic forces between molecules. The strength and direction of these forces differ in accordance… View Article

The ethical theories of natural law and situation ethics

There are two main approaches to ethics which are held by Christians today. Over the years it has proved to be a very controversial and widely debated issue. Catholics and certain other ‘strict’ denominations of the Christian church hold the view that natural law should be the means of making ethical decisions, whereas more liberal… View Article

February Action

So, after my great holidays, back to reality. In this case, it meant moving flats. I moved out of my friends’ flat and in with two Mexican siblings, girl (spoilt acting student) and boy (pain in the ass lawyer student). (The statements in this part are highly influenced by later experiences with the two people,… View Article

Proving Establish Liability For Each Offence

Archie is employed to protect the pheasants on Lord Melchett’s estate from poachers. On day, from a distance he sees Liam and Craig on the estate and, knowing them to be poachers, he decides to ‘rid himself of the problem for all time’ and fires his shotgun at them. Both Liam and Craig are only… View Article

The Offence Explaining

Vincent and Kay live together. Kay becomes pregnant by another man, and Vincent cannot come to terms with this. The relationship becomes more and more strained until eventually, when Kay is 28 weeks pregnant, they have a violent argument and Vincent stabs Kay in the abdomen. She survives long enough to give birth to the… View Article

Importance of fault-based liability in English law

Fault is regarded as blame, or responsibility for doing something wrong. The concept of fault is integral to the English legal system when it comes to deciding guilt of liability. In fact, in many areas of law if fault could not be assigned, the system would fall apart as liability can only be found if… View Article