Labor Essay Examples

Women and their role in the labor movement and unions in Canadian History

Equal employment policy for women stands at an historic juncture in the advanced industrial democracies. In Canada, a federal Human Rights Act went into effect March 1, 1978 . It not only established a commission to handle complaints of discrimination but also introduced the principle of equal pay for work of equal value, making possible… View Article

History of insurance in Argentina

In 1984, about 200 insurance companies were in operation in Argentina. Although various legal restrictions have been placed on foreign insurance companies, many retain offices. The Superintendent of Insurance of the nation regulates the insurance market, which is a branch of the Ministry of Economy. The Argentine insurance market is characterized by a relatively large… View Article

The Labor Union and Me

Possibly one of the most important elements of any society is the labor sector. The labor force or the work force basically refers to a group of people who designated to do a specific task. However, more than just providing manual labor, the people in the work force basically provide services or goods for the… View Article

The Labor Movement

Throughout its history, the labor movement has empowered the working men and women of the United States by uplifting the American standard of living. It has organized, unified and educated workers everywhere creating equal opportunities for employment while eliminating unfair labor practices like discrimination. Such movement successfully struggled for legislations that give rights and job… View Article

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Labor Leader

Political Background             Franklin D. Roosevelt was the longest running president of the United States. He was at the helm of the nation from the end of the Great Depression to the end of the Second World War. Spanning 12 years, his administration faced the toughest times in U.S. history. However, his policies and programs… View Article

Positive Impact of Woman Labor in Economic Growth

Labor – one of the factors of production and serves as the source of competitive advantage of various countries in attracting foreign investors. Alongside with labor is the concept of productivity which is the largest single component of economic growth especially for those labor intensive countries. Therefore, government of various countries around the globe a… View Article

Burma Road Riot in the Bahamas

The effects of the war were much more immediate and explosive than anyone in the government anticipated. Within a few weeks of Pearl Harbor, plans had been laid to make New Providence a major air base, for America, and upgrading the airport close to Nassau which Sir Harry Oakes had already donated to the government,… View Article

A Change in Alternative Opportunities

A Change in Alternative Opportunities is a factor affecting labor supply. Labor supply in one labor market is affected by changes in available opportunities or the offered incentives of other labor markets. An increase in the relative wages in the carpentry labor market will give workers of other labor markets the reason to switch occupations… View Article

Labor union membership

Research Question: Is there a relationship between highest year of school completed and socioeconomic index? The two interval/ratio variables are respondent’s highest year of school completed and socioeconomic index. The independent variable is respondent’s highest year of school completed and dependent variable is respondent’s socioeconomic index. The null and alternate hypotheses are Null hypothesis, H0:… View Article

There Is No Such Thing as a Job for Life

This notion seems to pose as a self evident statement, but in reality it has become a common truth a couple of decades ago. Statements such as “One in three workers remain in a job for less than two years…” (Trapp, 1995) make their way to the public at a constant rate increasing its validity…. View Article

Your Garden Gloves

1. Which crew size had the highest productivity per worker? Which crew size had the lowest productivity per worker? What are some possible explanations for these results? The crew size of 2 had the highest level of productivity and the crew of 3 had the lowest. It seems that teams of 2 work best and… View Article

Southern Recreational Vehicle Company

I. Background of the Study Southern Recreational Vehicle Company of St. Louis Missouri announced its plans to relocate its manufacturing and assembly operations by constructing a new plant in Ridgecrest, Mississippi. The firm, a major producer of pickup campers and camper trailers, had experienced five (5) consecutive years of declining profits because of spiraling production… View Article

Child Labor

Child labor in the Philippines has been a problem since the early twentieth century. However in 1946 the Philippines claimed its independence from American Rule and became a Republic. This allowed the Philippines to make their own child labor laws. One significant law was the power of the Secretary of Labour to grant a special… View Article

Slavery in the Chocolate Industry

The case “Slavery in the Chocolate Industry” discusses labor exploitation in the chocolate industry. It specifically addresses the cocoa beans grown on farms in West Africa, especially the Ivory Coast and Ghana, which make up close to half of the world’s chocolate. The cocoa farmers of these nations, however, often rely on slaves to harvest… View Article

External environmental influences

The external environmental factors described in the following essay have a direct or indirect influence on HRM. To be effective, HR managers must monitor the environment on an ongoing basis; assess the impact of any changes; and be proactive in implementing policies and programs to deal with such challenges. Economic Environment The economic environment has… View Article