Kolam village Essay

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Kolam village

In current situation when population is increasing at a high growth rate and giant of unemployment spreading everywhere with open mouth. As in this village, to depend only on agriculture throughout the year for livelihood is not possible by many of the rural people, so there is a growing need for generation and enhancing of livelihood opportunity both in terms of income and employment in rural areas in sustainable, demonstrative and cost effective manner. Also the industrialisation drive took place only two years back.

The impact of industrialisation is not prominent in the village as the industry to be setup here i. e. Jindal Steel and Power Ltd (JSPL) has started buying land from the people only two years back. 70% per cent of Chhattisgarh’s population lives in rural areas and 45% are below the poverty line. With 35% of its geographical area under cultivation, agriculture is the mainstay of its economy. Almost 80% of the working population is dependent on agro-based livelihood, but the irrigated area in the state is only 16% of the total area, according to government figures.

Forests, rivers, and fertile farmland have been taken over by flourishing industries backed by an unjust state. For several years, thousands have been displaced despite violent activism by the oppressed. Rivers have been bought and diverted leaving hundreds of villages thirsty and acres of farmland parched. Tribal people, who have roamed these mineral-rich forests for centuries, have been forced to seek employment and adapt to a different way of life as industries continue to encroach upon their lifestyle.

Protected forest land has been sold to greedy miners who exploit its riches without considering the disastrous effect of industrialisation on the flora and fauna. The state has been the first in the country to go to the extent of selling rivers such as the Sheonath and Kelo to a private owner who will use it to supply water to industries. This is just the beginning. Industrialists are lining up to pour money into Chhattisgarh in return for extracting a great deal more from it and, in the absence of just legislation and regulation, destroying both its people and the environment.

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