Knowledge management Essay Examples

Enhancing Creativity: Enriching the Organization and Workplace

1. Risk taking is acceptable to management: a. Management must recognize the risk/reward relationship and find organizational mechanisms for handling it. And it must communicate a clear understanding that reasonable risks are acceptable, since they are the handmaidens of progress. On the innovative front, two methods are available for dealing with risk: diversification and cheap… View Article

Knowledge Management

In researching this paper I can’t seem to get away from constantly comparing the difference between what is knowledge and what is information. As a result I continue to look at Knowledge Management synonymously with Information Management. Or rather the terms of knowledge and information of which knowledge is constantly used synonymously with information. As… View Article

Knowledge workers

Knowledge workers are the valuable asset of the company and their management is known as knowledge management. They contribute towards improved productivity and management that leads to success of the organization therefore their role is very important and new organizations should implement it in their culture. There is no limit or boundaries to acquire knowledge… View Article

Learning Organization

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY are proliferating as corporations seek to better themselves and gain an edge. Unfortunately, however, failed programs far outnumber successes, and improvement rates remain low. That’s because most companies have failed to grasp a basic truth. Before people and companies can improve, they first must learn. And to do this, they need to look… View Article