Juvenile Essay Topics

Juvenile Probation and Community-based Corrections

This society is much more different than that of yesterday. Today, the country is encountering the biggest economic crisis, the war against Iraq seems to be endless, and the crime rates are increasing to a highly alarming level. As depressing as this current situation appears, the even more devastating part is that the juveniles have… View Article

Juvenile Deliquency

Juvenile Sentencing, a serious issue to be debated certainly! People under 18 years who are believed to be committed crime are usually sentenced to life without parole. According to a study is US conducted by the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, the report says that almost 2000 US citizens are living without parole. The… View Article

Juvenile Delinquency

The society of today has already faced a rainbow of emotions and has experienced everything wonderful and miraculous that a person might see in his entire lifetime. At the same time, people have already been exposed to the downside. As depressing as this may sound, crime rates have been going up and down and juveniles… View Article

Juvenile justice system

Researchers and psychologists have list of typical behaviors that are exhibited by juvenile delinquents. The list also includes traits that experts referred to as indicators or predictors of delinquency. Typically, violent school children are engaged in unhealthy activities such as smoking, drinking, and drug use and of early sexual activities. They also have very poor… View Article

Juvenile delinquency

The controversy surrounding the extent and causation of delinquency would be eliminated if a uniform meaning could be attributed to the term delinquency. This word however is not used in a uniform manner not only among individuals but also consistently by a single individual. Juvenile delinquency means and represents many things to many individuals. To… View Article