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John P Roche-The Founding Fathers: A Reform Caucus in Action Essay

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John P Roche-The Founding Fathers: A Reform Caucus in Action

John P. Roche published a Thesis “The Founding Fathers a Reform Caucus in Action” where managed to dwell upon the significance of the contribution made by the builders of a country. He characterizes them as great contributors. Apart from that, the author claims that the creation of the constitution was a natural and entirely democracy connected process, which equally contributed to the creation of state, economy, and politics. He calls a target reader to give the Founders acknowledgements for the big efforts they made and value their efforts, which resulted in the arising of the strong and influential country. The members of the Philadelphia convention were obliged to perform significant formation work to satisfy all the needs and fill in all the political gaps that were previously overlooked. He proves that the motive of founders was fair and aimed at the promotion of prosperity of a state.

What was an essential concern for the founding fathers when drafting the articles of confederation?

According to the position of P. Roche, it was a significant contribution to gather Philadelphia conference and change the social and political orders. Thanks to their bright minds and legislative competence, they managed to imply changes and implement the same political rights for all citizens. Apart from that, they defended the interests of the layman. They led to conclude that the government was not strong enough and more innovative measures were needed. Founders managed to keep the state functioning correctly by modifying the constitutional issues. The task was rather tough – they were obliged to keep everyone happy and look for the ways of satisfying the demands of all citizens.

Founders managed to elaborate and structure the statute of the future state. They launched a powerful mechanism that proves to be effective for many years. Thanks to their contribution, the state’s economy is stable; the political system functions appropriately and proves to be well built.  Roche claims that the most prominent contribution of the Founders a successful convincing of men from all parts of the country that the changes are necessary in the process of creation of a strong and united nation.

I support the position of Roche. According to his point of view, Founders contributed to the development of USA exceedingly being oriented on the interests of people. Their most significant achievements were that they have realized that to win respect and acknowledgment of people, it is necessary to satisfy their interests. Politicians have realized that the Articles of Confederation were a failure. They came to the conclusion that the USA would not develop. The ability to think globally and make right decisions made them successful and efficient rulers.

Each of Founding Fathers made his contribution to the development of the state. B. Franklin propagated the idea of political self-determination of the North American colonies, for the first time called them states (states), advocated their confederation. Concerning general political questions, he promoted the natural equality of people. The emergence of inequality, property, and laws associated with the creation of society and state. B. Franklin advocated the legal equality of citizens, the democratic consolidation of their rights, equality of votes of states, powers of the Senate and the US Congress. He laid the democratic traditions of local constitutionalism and federalism.

How does Jefferson support his major premise in the body of the declaration of independence? Jefferson still hoped for the peaceful rendering by England of independence of the American colonies. He added a list of abuses, which England made to the citizens. As the principal author of the preliminary version of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson proceeded from a democratic and revolutionary interpretation of the natural-law doctrine and substantiated the legality of the separation of colonies from England and the formation of an independent state. The statement of natural and civil rights, the justification of people’s position in the society and the people’s right to express one’s position made the Declaration an outstanding theoretical and political document of the era.

These are the essential points of the author of the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

First, for Jefferson, there are apparent truths – all people are created equal, endowed with inalienable rights: to life, freedom, desire for happiness. These ideas confirmed the unacceptability of the class privileges and feudal rights, the equality of colonists with the inhabitants of the metropolis.

Secondly, to ensure human rights, according to Jefferson, people are founded by states, governments. Thus, the people’s right to revolution was substantiated.

Third, the author of the Declaration consistently advocated a republican form of government for the country, based on universal suffrage, equal representation in legislative institutions, the election of executive bodies and judges, the variability of judges, jurors, sheriffs, and extensive self-governance. T. Jefferson is a supporter of a clear division of the competence of the three authorities in the republic. I was convinced that state power should promote and not restrict citizens’ freedom.

Fourth, the actual basis of the new country government, according to Jefferson, is the equality of “every citizen, the level of personal and property rights and the disposal of them.” In his opinion, equality is based on the will of the people and should be consistently carried out in every paragraph of the constitution. This equality must be realized primarily in the general electoral law, the right of the people to elect officials and judges.

Fifth, Jefferson claimed that the right becomes the right because it is the will of the nation. However, he saw the danger of unification of legislation for all states, its threat to self-government.

Sixth, Jefferson does not leave hope that humanity will soon “learn to derive the benefit of every right and authority that it owns or can take upon itself.” The ineffectiveness of unlimited power, its abuse can lead to corruption.

At a certain point, Founding Fathers have realized, that arose the need for implements changes. For that reason. They gathered to reshape the structure of state and develop a new set of constitution articles allowing regulating all political and social issues. They managed to achieve nationhood. These people managed to understand that sometimes it is necessary to take control over the situation in the country and implement changes even if citizens do not see the necessity of such radical measures. The period of the struggle for independence of the United States was marked by their victory, the creation of a state confederation.


Woll, Peter. American Government: Readings and Cases. 16th ed.

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