Job Essay Topics

Eva Smith’s Diary

Started work again today after a long summer holiday. It was hard to get in to the swing of things again but I soon got used to it. Could do with the money anyway! Jean, Betty, Sheila, Martha, Pat and I asked for a pay rise from Mr Birling because the wages he gives us… View Article

Job roles within Asda

Area manager The area manager Philip Davies has a clear but hard Job which he gets well rewarded for, Philip Davies has to make major and long term decisions which could be vital to Asda, obviously he has to actually run he business day in day out and he has to attend regularly board of… View Article

Job description and person specification

A job description is a document that lists the main tasks, duties and responsibilities required in the job place. At Woodbridge high school job descriptions are present for every job from caretaker to the head teacher post. The following are the main features of a job description. Job title for example head of department Job… View Article

Job roles and working arrangements of Theatro Technics

Key jobs within Theatro Technics vary from floor workers to management. Each of these jobs help carry out a function and the general running of the business. Although it is said that there are very important jobs, high and low, each job plays an important role and all staff’s contribution should be valued. Something interesting… View Article

The employee caries out this specific job role

Job roles are appointed to each individual employee in McDonalds and it is important the employee caries out this specific job role to the best of his/her ability. It is also important to carry out these roles to ensure McDonald’s run smoothly and efficiently. Working arrangements is the time and location and terms an individual… View Article

Assess the advantages of job specialisation

1. Terminology Job Definition Job definitions in practice are usually only applied to low level manual and clerical jobs, at more senior levels there are usually greater degrees of own job making. There is a school of thought that suggests newly appointed staff ought to know exactly what their duties are in detail. The suggestion… View Article

Type of job

He is very stern with Mickey and very lenient with Edward: “And er, as I say, it was more of a prank really, Mr. Lyons. I’d dock his pocket money if I was you (laughs). But. one thing I would say, if y’ don’t mind me saying, is well, I’m not sure I’d let him… View Article

Job recruitment process

Company vacancy Job description Person specification Job advert Application forms  short list Interview  References appointment Businesses need to make sure they have the correct amount of staff and making sure that it will be a productive move to gain extra staff. You don’t want to have new staff having very little to do. The following… View Article

The Process Of Recruiting An Employee

After the recruitment and selection process and my interview, and the feedback given after the interview, I am know going to evaluate the entire performance of my self and whether I felt that I could have made improvements to the planning process prior to the interview, or whether I used the correct type of methods…. View Article

Analysis of a Job Advert and My Employability Skills

Describe the qualifications required: GCSE A*-C standard English and Maths, this is essential because you need to be able to simple adding and English is a necessity because you need to be able to read and speak fluent English. To have a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Level 1 or 2 in customer service you can… View Article

Results from the Job analysis method

Observation method allows employers to watch and judge how employees perform in their specific jobs. Supervisors or managers would have a better understanding on how the employee performs. They can decide whether the performance from the employees would need to improve or if they’re satisfied with the current progress. However, employees may feel insecure as… View Article

Job opportunities in performing arts

The below information is a rough guide based on the information from the jobs4you website. There are over 500,000 people that work in the creative and cultural skills area of work, there are over 62,000 creative businesses in the UK, and 94% of the businesses only employ 10 people a year, so being an arts… View Article

Job satisfaction

Learning as a way to improve happiness: When a worker is satisfied, then happiness would be realized later on. As a worker is able to get the idea that his efforts are contributing to the growth of the company, he is able to feel the true sense of being satisfied and happy with his job…. View Article

On the Job Hardship

It is a common knowledge that on the job hardship is inevitable because after all, finishing a course in college is most often learning only the concepts, theories and principles in the area of interest.  After graduating, an individual may start looking for a Job. When being employed, then the initial difficulties must be hurdled. … View Article

Job Interview Process

This is a research paper that examines the job interview process details among U. S. employers, lists the general preparations that a job applicant needs for the job interview, and presents professional advise on the successful strategies for the job interview. First, this paper will present the different types of job interviews then it will… View Article