Japan Essay Topics

The ministry of education

The popular image of Japan as a homogeneous and harmonious is not nearly as valid as it seems. The aspects of Japan which could be argued are of this nature are enforced by both Western media and the impressions that Japanese society and media gives out. Japanese society has always strived and aspired toward this… View Article

The organization that you work

The organization that you work for is interested in expanding their business overseas. You have been asked to gather some preliminary information to help management decide on whether to pursue this idea further. Search the Cybrary or other online resource and find an article describing an experience of either: (1) a US company or division… View Article

The Modernization of Japan

According to Contemporary Japan: A Teaching Workbook in Columbia University and East Asian Curriculum Project: “the arrival of United States naval fleet commanded by Commodore Matthew C. Perry has ended the seclusion of Japan from the outside world, particularly western. Perry then instructed to open Japan to foreign trade and diplomatic contact”. The Edo bakufu,… View Article

Japan & higher education

Many parents in Japan firmly believe that higher education will ensure better positions, higher incomes, and superior life-styles for their children. Some even go into debt, spending over 60 million yen ($480,000, U. S. ) to put a child through the best private schools and universities. Do they reap the expected dividends? “In reality …. View Article

Motorcycle and Honda

1. How can companies learn from Honda’s investment in the Indian market? Honda had showed a great way to invest in the Indian market as in they choose to generate a new model in vehicle aspect. During that time, Honda arrived at the right time because the country is under low vehicle-penetration rate and the… View Article

Barriers to entry into foreign markets

It is completed near the end of your first year of entry into the country market. One must identify and prepare for Trade Events. Trade shows, international buyer programs, matchmaker trade delegations programs or a catalog exhibition program can lead to tremendous international opportunities . Methods of foreign market entry Methods of foreign market entry… View Article

World War II in Japan

A case of implementation of import substitution industrialization can be examined with the help of the example of Brazil. Brazil was the country which carried the policy of import substitution industrialization later than other underdeveloped countries. The economists in Brazil carefully analyzed its effects and were planning the industrial development of the country while the… View Article

Asiatic Society of Japan

Japanology or the study of the Asiatic Society of Japan from 1853 was actually the records of the Expeditions sent by the American nation to negotiate with Japan to open their economy to international community. Although before the 1853, Perry Expedition, the Americans had attempted several times to establish economic relations with Japan but all… View Article

Tradition vs. Modernization

The samurai, the warrior nobility of the pre-modern Japan, was on the top of the class hierarchy up to the Tokugawa shogunate. This was the time of feudalism in Japan. A Shogun is said to be the owner of the entire country with lesser lords under him. The class hierarchy was rigid and the vassal-lord… View Article

The Allied Occupation of Japan

In 1945, to end the Pacific war, Operations Olympic and Coronet, America’s proposed landings on Kyushu and the Tokyo Plain were the largest amphibious invasions ever planned. Thomas M. Huber: Pastel: Deception in the Invasion of Japan Command and General staff college, 1988 {www-cgsc. army. mil/carl/resources/csi/huber2/huber2. asp} The allied forces successfully invaded Japan and imparted… View Article

The Number Of Declining Birthdate In Japan

Introduction:             Japan is one of the models of perfection in Asia.  From a country that was ravaged by the effects of two atomic bombs into a country that has one of the world’s strongest economies, the Japanese model is certainly one that is worthy of all the praise that it gets.  From the standpoint… View Article

Eating and Ans

Q. 1 : What colour ink is best for business cards in China? Ans: Gold. Q2: Business cards are always reciprocated in the USA? Ans: False. Q3: Which of these should not be done with a South Korean’s card? Ans: Writing on it. Q4: Which of these is most important on business cards in Germany?… View Article

Tokugawa Period (Edo Period)

The relevance of the Tokugawa Period (Edo Period) to the development of Modern Japan is based on the fact that it marked the restoration of imperial rule and ushered in the beginning of the development of early modern Japan (Bryant 2005).  The innovations that were introduced during this period included the increase in commerce through… View Article

Moral and Ethical Issues

Magnetic levitation has been around for years, this advance mode of surface high speed transportation whereby a vehicle gliding above a guide way is suspended, guided, and propelled by magnetic forces that actually allows it to float in air 4 to 6 inches in the air and travels up to 300 mph. Despite the Shinkansen’s… View Article